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She stood at the stove carefully sauteing minced garlic in olive oil till the garlic was golden, adding finely chopped onions, cans of tomatoes, a dab of tomato paste, salt, pepper, oregano and basil, deeply inhaling the fragrance of homemade marinara sauce.  After all, nothing was better than filling the kitchen with smells of cooking to fill his head with thoughts of love…

She stirred and tasted once more, then slid the pot lid on, turned the heat to low and set the timer to allow her sauce to simmer undisturbed while she ran upstairs to shower and and change.  She luxuriated in the feel of shampoo and conditioner, soaping on body wash to shave her legs smooth.

He’d been out of town on business and she’d missed his fun-filled ocean blue eyes, his warm smiles and most of all his warm body spooned against hers at night.  She knew he’d missed her, too, from all the texts and phone calls where they had exchanged loving, then suggestive and then increasingly x-rated ideas as their time apart grew longer.  But tonight he’d be home and she’d planned a cozy evening for two with scrumptious pasta and wine.

Pulling on a long silky top over leggings, she went back to the kitchen to check the sauce, adding pancetta, vodka and heavy cream and stirring penne noodles into the rapidly boiling salted water. Quickly draining the noodles when they were al dente, she added them to the sauce for her delectable Vodka Sauce alla Pasta, just as she felt his arms slide around her waist and turn her toward him.

Deep, dark eyes met blue eyes smoky with desire as the wonderful smells of dinner engulfed them and his lips captured hers in a kiss that spoke of longing and promises yet unfulfilled.  Kisses became more demanding, clothes were deemed unnecessary and the kitchen table was put to new purpose.  Wine and pasta would wait until later…

She typed the last line with satisfaction, then jumped up as she realized her pasta was boiling over in the pot, hissing as water splashed into the flames.

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

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Just another chance
To celebrate the Cubs’ advance
They tied the World Series
Sports fans have their own theories
But at Wrigley Field we’re ready to dance!

In response to Mind and Life Matters prompt Celebration.


TMI Thursday, Update…


I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting a medical boob update and this just made me laugh. Seriously, I think you’ll see the humor in this.

When I first had the mastectomy, the plastic surgeon said he thought he could put in a silicone implant, one step, we’re done, and that’s what he did.  Some women need expanders put in, which are filled with air to allow the skin on your chest to stretch a little until the final surgery, when the correct size silicone implants replace the expander.

However, five days after the first surgery I developed a hematoma near the implant, probably because of my blood clotting disorder.  So off the blood thinners again and another surgery at the original site to remove the hematoma and the original implant and to replace it with an air-filled expander to fill the space and prevent further problems.

We have a big family trip planned for hubby’s milestone birthday in late January and now that I’m having chemo, I won’t have the final surgery until early spring.  But you cannot fly with an air-filled expander because the pressure changes in the cabin could cause it to, well, explode.  In your chest.  On the airplane.  A fun way to meet the people around you on the plane, right?

So Nicole, the plastic surgeon’s nurse practitioner, deflated my boob, yep, just sucked the air out of the expander with a big syringe and whoosh, it was flat.  Then she refilled it with saline so I’ll be able to fly.  I get another refill every week or so until it kind of matches the other side.  It sloshes a little, but what are you gonna do?  I’m not exactly sure what happens with airport security because the port in the expander is metal, but I’m sure that will be a fun conversation!