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Photo Credit: Photo via ghwtog via Visual Hunt

There once was a girl in the Midwest
Whose life sometimes felt like a test.
She’d found her good health was precarious
Every twinge she proclaimed the scariest
Till her doctor begged, “Give it a rest!

I actually wrote this awhile ago but it seemed appropriate now because I have a bone density test and mammogram later today, or as I like to call it, the Great Depression!  Just a routine check up, nothing is wrong…

Will you…


Will you take the time to know me
Beyond the secret of my curves
I’ll return the favor
And explore your attributes…

Will you celebrate life’s wonders
Let me see it in your eyes
That you couldn’t live without me
You’d never want to try…

Will you stay with me forever
Or as long as time allows
You see, I can’t release you
I’m afraid I don’t know how…


I want to dance…


I want to dance

To twirl and feel the air

Lift silken layers and guide your eager

Hands to my hips…

I want to dance

My fingers across your nape

Twine them into your curls

And tug gently till our eyes meet…

I want to dance

Attendance on your lips

To linger thigh to thigh

In a soft cocoon…

I want to dance

But we are caught

as surely as our hands between us

Or our mingled breaths…

We pull apart

You twirl me away

Chiffon floats like a cloud

I want to dance…


Drifting Apart…



Lately the romance, the tingles, the sighs

Seem just out of reach of everyday life

A hug and a pat and a peck on the cheek,

No comfort at all as seen through her eyes…


She misses the spark, the crackle, the zing

Could a couple sustain it forever and ever?

Polite conversation is becoming the norm

Desperate, she searches for signs of a fling…


Always exhausted, he says it’s his job

The travel, the calls, his excessive hours

Supposedly working till he sneaks into bed

She turns to her pillow to muffle her sobs…


She weeps for lost kisses, the desire in his eyes

Nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms

With nothing but moonlight touching their bodies

When she felt like a beauty whatever her size…


Now she’s polished and toned, ears filled with his lies

She glances at him in his traitorous slumber

He mumbles a name that isn’t her own

As she brushes away tears and plots his demise…


This is a reworked post from early last year.  It was going to be romantic because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t come out that way! 😀

The Locket…


Tis the Season of unselfish gifting
And times of love and uplifting
A young man got his true love a locket
Soon taken from him by a pickpocket
Perhaps karma for gifts gotten by grifting?

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge, Week 49,  Satire.