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Monday Musings about Laughter…

I just have to find reasons to laugh amidst all the insanity…

Monday Musings About Mastopexy…

On Friday I had my last big (haha, no, just regular size!) breast reconstruction surgery and it went well.  I was more nervous than about the previous surgeries, mostly because of the complications I’d had, I guess.  I talked my wonderful plastic surgeon down to just cutting open my right boob to exchange the temporary saline-filled expander for a permanent silicone implant.  Okay, that was a little dramatic.  There’s actually just an incision under my boob.  I’m back to wearing the surgical bra and have a drainage tube in, but only one this time.  A little achy and sore, but not terrible pain.

But what he also planned to do was suction some fat from my abdominal area and insert it above the implant to further soften the look.  And do what’s called a mastopexy to the left breast to perk it up a bit.  Or a lot, as the case may be.  But I stayed firm (haha, cracking myself up, may just be the pain pills!) and nixed all that because I couldn’t face the thought of developing clots or unnecessary bleeding like before.  But he did explain that I could choose to do the mastopexy at a later date if needed and it would still be covered as reconstructive surgery.  I checked with insurance and that’s true.

So then he asked me to sit up (we were in the little curtained off room where you wait before outpatient surgery), me in my paper gown, so that he could draw the incision mark under my boob with that lovely indelible marker.  And with totally detached clinical appreciation he said to me and hubby, “These are probably the best match I’ve seen with a one-sided surgery!”

I completely chose to believe that he meant my unaided boob was unbelievably perky all on its own and rather closely matched the surgically enhanced one.  So I awkwardly said, “Thank you?” and we parted to meet up later in surgery.

Then a nurse started my IV, pushed me and my gurney to an operating room where they slid me onto a table exactly the width of my hips and had me breathe into an oxygen mask a few times.   And that’s all I really remember…

TMI Thursday, Update…


I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting a medical boob update and this just made me laugh. Seriously, I think you’ll see the humor in this.

When I first had the mastectomy, the plastic surgeon said he thought he could put in a silicone implant, one step, we’re done, and that’s what he did.  Some women need expanders put in, which are filled with air to allow the skin on your chest to stretch a little until the final surgery, when the correct size silicone implants replace the expander.

However, five days after the first surgery I developed a hematoma near the implant, probably because of my blood clotting disorder.  So off the blood thinners again and another surgery at the original site to remove the hematoma and the original implant and to replace it with an air-filled expander to fill the space and prevent further problems.

We have a big family trip planned for hubby’s milestone birthday in late January and now that I’m having chemo, I won’t have the final surgery until early spring.  But you cannot fly with an air-filled expander because the pressure changes in the cabin could cause it to, well, explode.  In your chest.  On the airplane.  A fun way to meet the people around you on the plane, right?

So Nicole, the plastic surgeon’s nurse practitioner, deflated my boob, yep, just sucked the air out of the expander with a big syringe and whoosh, it was flat.  Then she refilled it with saline so I’ll be able to fly.  I get another refill every week or so until it kind of matches the other side.  It sloshes a little, but what are you gonna do?  I’m not exactly sure what happens with airport security because the port in the expander is metal, but I’m sure that will be a fun conversation!

TMI Thursday, No Ducks in a Row…


I’m feeling a little discombobulated today cause I found I have a hopefully minor setback in my healing from the mastectomy.  I have to have a surgery tomorrow morning to reopen the surgical site, remove a hematoma and possibly exchange the implant that is there.  My understanding is a hematoma is a pocket filled with blood that develops occasionally, possibly because of my Factor V Leiden problem and the need to go on and off the blood thinners I normally take.

I should be able to go home tomorrow and they do not think I’ll need to have the wound vac back, just the drainage tubes.  So I think it will just be a bump in the road and a pain in the boob! Probably see you more next week…

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole


Things changed all too quickly
For everyone’s taste
And days making plans
Suddenly all went to waste

They said, “Go find a rabbit,
A cat and a queen of a woman with heart,”
There’s so much to do before
The ending can start

Life as she knows it is taking a break
But Alice is cool
As she gathers her team, and her people
have people and they all have some pull

She mustn’t be late for the all-important date
With the man in the hat who will keep her intact
And the cat and the rabbit and the woman with heart
Will all have their roles when it comes time to act

Then someone will serve tea through an IV
Or another such thing
And they’re sure she’ll be happy
If it has just a little more zing

So slowly she’s falling, no, there’s no net,
Deeper down the hole, rarely shedding a tear
Because all Alice really wants
Is to make herself clear


Hi, my name is Alice…

Photo credit:  Pixabay