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Happy International Women’s Day…

And I understand some McDonald’s in the U.S. have turned their golden arches into W’s today!


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TMI Thursday, Birthday Edition…

If you were here for the A to Z Challenge last year, you might remember it’s birthday week at my house!  Oldest son (JP’s daddy) had his birthday yesterday, today is mine and youngest son’s is Saturday.  Poor hubby had his in January and we remind him this week is so not about him!

We are going to Top Golf on Saturday with some of the family.  I’ve never been before but have heard good things.  It’s basically an indoor golf place/sports bar kind of atmosphere for people of all ages and they have food and drink, lots of televisions, games and golf in a bay that’s enclosed on three sides and you hit the ball to the outside.  Can you tell I only have sons?

It’s been an interesting and busy last year for us, more surgeries than I would have liked — I guess one is more than I would have liked 🙂 — but things are looking up for sure.  I’m not crazy about the short, white hair after chemo but I’m trying not to whine about it.  Well, not all the time anyway! And I’m grateful for moisturizers and cosmetics that really work miracles!

Oh, and I’m also grateful for my family and friends in real life and this crazy blogging world and surviving cancer and just getting on with life and doing what we love ❤

Celebration Limerick…



Just another chance
To celebrate the Cubs’ advance
They tied the World Series
Sports fans have their own theories
But at Wrigley Field we’re ready to dance!

In response to Mind and Life Matters prompt Celebration.

Picture:  Houstonchronicle.com

#atozchallenge,Y is for Yawning…


Which is what we’ll be doing by the end of today, the third birthday celebration this week.  Today is youngest son’s birthday (the little cutie on the left) and the last in April for us.  When he was about this age, he’d always ask me why his birthday had to be last…  I told him it was kind of his choice.  Had he waited until his May due date, he could have had the whole month to himself!

Those are little casts on his legs in the picture because he had just had a heel cord release to help him walk more easily.  He has cerebral palsy and has had several surgeries over the years.

And while he was at the hospital, volunteers brought puppies and kittens to visit. Youngest was sure it was part of the package and asked if the dog was his, could he keep it?  The poor volunteer! So, of course hubby went over to the Humane Society the next day and that’s how we got our first dog, Rusty.

Now that he’s grown up, youngest son wants to go shopping and pick out CDs and DVDs or tee shirts that he wants, so we will do that today.   And even now that he’s older, we try to make sure not to run out of steam too soon so we can celebrate the last April birthday as much as the first!

~Diane D.

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays!)