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I Wanted to Surprise You

From my new friend, Alfred Smith, at Beyond Panic, a sweet poem about first love.  Is this adorable or what?

Beyond Panic

I wanted to surprise you

I’m hoping that I did

I had to steal these flowers

because I’m just a kid

You see I had no money

to buy them on my own

because it seems you only

earn money when you’re grown

But still I hope you like them

although I couldn’t pay,

because they mean I like you

and that I’m going away

I wanted to surprise you,

I’m hoping that I did.

I’ll be in jail an hour;

I have to do my bid

You see, the cops are coming

to put me in the jail,

but I’m returning for you,

so be here without fail.

They’re only gonna keep me,

and call my mom and dad.

I hope you like me too though,

‘cuz I’m not really bad.

I wanted to surprise you…

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There’s Only One Question..


He’s still out of town, the excuses are endless

She comes home tonight to a house gone sad

The calls have dwindled, his work’s so important

He’s making it clear that their magic’s long fled…


He served up papers, no, they can’t work things out

Says she’s stupid and clumsy and holding him back

He’s found someone better, a beauty with money

And breeding and class and whatever she lacks…


She glimpses her face in the mirror on the wall

She’s older, no wiser, but calm and resigned

To finish what he started when he broke their vows

She hardly finds herself in the reflection at all…


She’s weary of trying and feeling so worthless

He’s forced her to take a hard look at their life

If he thinks she’ll accept it, he’s sadly mistaken

There’s only one question.  A gun or a knife?


Photo credit     ~ Diane D.



Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…


Photo found on Facebook…

Monday Musings on Friday…

I’m out the door soon for my LAST physical therapy appointment for my knee.  Big cheer!  So now I’m being  cleared to begin working with Keith, the Personal Trainer, at another location, for which I will get to pay a fee that insurance won’t cover!  Yay!

But in some sick way, I’ll miss my evil therapist Howie and Christine and little Emily who asks me every five minutes if I’m okay.  I feel like a little chick, a tiny bit afraid to leave the nest and fly on my own — hopefully without tripping and reinjuring that knee…

Echoes of My Neighbourhood…



I feel a little pretentious spelling neighbourhood with a “u” but this post is in response to the elegant Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha’s Thursday photo challenge and that’s how she spells it, so I didn’t want to change it.

My picture this week is the entrance to a mall near my house that is lined with beautiful lighted trees, usually just at Christmas, but this year they are still lit in January.

We were over by the Promenade having dinner one night recently and I’m sure I said to hubby, “Please, sweetheart, drive slowly by the main entrance on the way home so I can take a picture of the beautiful trees.”

He, of course, thought I said, “Drive like a bat out of hell past those trees,” so this is the interesting picture I got!