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The Reunion (6)…

You can find earlier excerpts from The Reunion here.

Well, that barely there kiss had caught her by surprise. When did Brian Walsh get to be such a hottie, with moves even?  Obviously he’d gotten over his shyness and reluctance around females! Jen shut her bedroom door gently after surreptitiously peeking out to watch him ascend the stairs.  From the looks of it, he had a pretty great ass under that towel.  He might actually have turned out to be a nice guy.  He’d been flirting, she decided, and kind of hoped it wasn’t just so she’d let him stay.  She smiled as she thought about future possibilities with them sharing a house and sent Pam a text, asking her to meet for breakfast in the morning.

Hey, Pammie, can you do breakfast in the morning?

Is 9:30 okay? 

Sure, perfect.  Where’s a good place to meet?

How about Bluebell’s, that little diner on 3rd Street?  Do you remember from last time you were out?

Oh, of course.  Seems we have some surprises to talk about!

Ahh, so you saw Brian? 

He scared the shit out of me, Pammie!  You’ve got some ‘splaining to do, girl!

LOL, tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow she would talk it out with Pam and see what was really going on.  Tonight she was dead tired from the drive and now that her heartbeat had slowed down to normal, she hoped she’d fall asleep easily.  Jack had settled down on his little dog bed and curled his fluffy tail under him, the signal that he was out for the count.  And all in all, it felt good knowing she wasn’t alone in the house.


The next morning Brian crept down the stairs at 6 a.m. with his blueprints in hand.  He needed to get over to the Inn early, before the others got there, and he didn’t want to risk waking Jen or having her little dog hear him and start barking.  She’d looked pretty beat last night and he wondered how far she’d driven.

It was true that Jen had looked great.  He thought back to all the times their families had gotten together for barbecues and picnics over the years.  He and Jen and Pam had played together as little kids, teased each other in junior high and then had somewhat stilted conversations as teens as their interests changed and they drifted apart.  None of that had prepared him for this new, improved version of Jen Meyer.

She’d been rounder in high school and kind of shy, but she’d always been friendly to him, at least until the whole prom fiasco.  Boy, had his mom been pissed at him about that.  He winced to himself, remembering how furious she’d been when she found out he’d gone into work and called the date off at the last minute.  Of course, she thought it probably reflected badly on her and how she’d raised him, something he hadn’t really considered back then.

He figured he’d ask Jen to dinner and try to explain about what an idiot he’d been back then and apologize once and for all.  He wondered if she was here for the reunion, which wasn’t until next weekend, or some other reason.  Or maybe just to visit, although he thought her sister was her only family still in Brim.

He maneuvered his pickup around her little car, amused at the way she’d parked almost off the driveway, like she’d been in a huge hurry to get out of the car and into the house.  He drove slowly through the neighborhood, figuring he’d grab a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich at the BP gas station just a mile or so away, off the main highway.  Hopefully they still had decent enough coffee because he sure could use a big old cup.  Or two.

Seeing Jen in pajamas, all flustered when caught by surprise, had played havoc with his sleep last night.  She’d tried to hide it, but all that jiggling and bouncing as she’d jumped up from her exercise mat had made it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra under her little shirt.  Luckily, she still had those great curves.  Her cheeks had turned pink and her mouth had opened in surprise when he told her he had no intention of leaving.  She looked so adorable that he couldn’t resist leaning in for a taste of that mouth and thankfully she hadn’t slapped his face.  He smiled ruefully and reminded himself that he was 38-year-old man with a daughter of his own and not a teenaged boy with raging hormones.   But, damn, she sure looked good.


My Aging-Rocker-Chick Hair…

No boob pictures, just my short, mostly white hair.  I’ve been going out without the wig or hat and a dear lady told me how much she loved my hair and asked me if I went to a barber for this look!   I’m kind of liking the white, hope it doesn’t get to be some bizarre, unattractive gray color down the road.  But at least I’m getting hair!  And you can’t tell from this picture, but my lashes and brows are coming back, too.  And from the looks of it, I need more sleep to get rid of the bags under my eyes 🙂

Yay, Yay it’s Saturday…

Some days are like this…


TMI Thursday…


If you’re one of my kids, you can skip this if you want.  Or if there are just some things you don’t need to know about me, you can skip, too!  It really is a TMI post!

I’m still on the fence about my white hair — right now I think it’s kind of striking, but we’ll see as it gets longer.  JP pats it and says, “Nana, it’s like you have a little lamb on your head!” 🙂

I have surgical bras which I must continue to wear 24/7 because the drainage tube is still in.  The bra zips up the front and has Velcro straps to hold tube(s) so they don’t drag.  More activity means more drainage, so I’m taking it easy.   No gym yet, but soon, maybe next week!

My stomach is a multi-hued wonder of purples and yellows from the Lovenox injections (I’ve done 28 now before and after this surgery) which I have to continue along with the Coumadin till my INR level is at least 2.  Hopefully it will be in the range when they test again tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  I’m running out of unbruised places to use!

But the really fun part is that in about 3 months the plastic surgeon will do another minor surgery on my right boob to create a nipple.  It somehow seems way more intimate than just talking about removing a boob.  The mastectomy was performed with a horizontal incision across the breast in an elliptical shape so the nipple was part of what was discarded.   I’m not sure even I want to know the details of how they recreate one, but they tell me it’s just a local anesthetic so it can’t be too bad.  Then they will tatoo an areola about two weeks later and then I’ll finally be done!

The Reunion (5)…


You can find earlier excerpts from The Reunion here

As soon as her heart stopped pounding in her ears, Jen clumsily scrambled to her feet.   She hastily pulled down the hem of her tee-shirt which had pulled up and exposed a strip of pale skin, purposely ignoring the hand he held down to help her.  He was smiling a little bit, looking awfully unintimidating for an intruder, especially one dressed in just a towel with damp hair.  Okay, she needed to get a grip.  No one would break into a house and take a shower, right?

She tried to think what to do next, and found herself looking at his bare feet and then again at the towel.  She forced her eyes up to his face and — something niggled at the back of her brain.  He did look familiar.  The height, the dark hair, the rather serious look on his face with just a hint of a smile.  “Brian?” she blurted out.  “Brian Walsh?”

“Uhm, yeah.  Sorry, I didn’t know anybody else was staying at the house right now.  And you are?”  He raised his eyebrows in question, no sign of recognition on his face.  She was pretty cute, he thought, all flustered and pink-cheeked, standing there in her flannel pants and little tee-shirt looking like she might punch him.  Kinda sexy, actually.

“For God sakes, Brian, it’s Jen.  Jen Meyer,” she scowled impatiently.  “Maybe you should have put your glasses on before you came barreling down here.  What do you mean, you didn’t know anybody else was staying here?  Why are you in my parents’ house?”

He held up one hand, carefully keeping the other one on his towel.  “Whoa, hang on.  I got a key from Pam and I’m staying here while I’m doing renovations on the Inn.  And if it’s not too much trouble, maybe I could get my shorts back before the little dust mop chews them up?”

“Oh, good Lord, his boxers were still in Jack’s mouth.  Face burning, she reached to snatch them away,  but of course Jack gleefully launched into their usual game of tug and it took a few minutes before Jen could get the cloth out of his mouth, all the while having to hold onto Brian’s boxers while he just stood there and smirked.  “Here, take them,” she said, ungraciously shoving the damp things into his big hand.

“Oh, and by the way, I can see you just fine.  Had Lasix surgery years ago and I don’t need the glasses anymore.  Afraid I just didn’t recognize you.  It’s been a long time, Jen, and you’ve – well, changed.”

He stopped, as though embarrassed to say that she wasn’t a chubby girl with braces anymore.  “I mean, you look great, really great.  It’s been a long time since I saw you last…”  He trailed off, remembering that the last time they’d really spoken had been at high school graduation, when he’d tried to apologize for not taking her to prom.  Again.

God, he’d been a geeky 17-year-old who panicked at the last minute about sweaty palms and unexpected boners while slow dancing with a girl.  So he’d gone into work and ditched Jen, not realizing back then what a big deal it had been for her.  Never realizing what a big deal dressing up was until his own little princess had been born.

“Well, thanks,” she mumbled.  Then she seemed to realize that she was in her sleep shirt and pants with nothing underneath and he was wearing a terry towel slung low on his hips and dangling his boxer briefs by the waistband because they were damp from Jack’s doggie drool.   Hoping her shirt was loose enough not to let anything too revealing show, Jen gestured to the door, smiling sweetly.

“Hey, don’t let me keep you from, uh, whatever it was you were doing up there.  I’ll talk to Pam tomorrow and get everything straightened out.  Maybe you just misunderstood about the house?  There’s lots of little motels around here now, probably some with kitchenettes.  I’m sure you’ll find something you like.”   She couldn’t believe that Pam would have forgotten to mention that she’d told good old Brian Walsh he could stay at their parents’ house the same week she was planning to be there.  Boy, was she going to give Pam a piece of her mind when they talked!

Okay, he wasn’t exactly a stranger, they’d known him and his family for years.  And he had grown into a nice looking guy with damp, curling dark hair and big, broad naked shoulders.  And who knew his geeky, black framed glasses had hidden such gorgeous eyes?

“Oh, sure, but I’ve already found something I like,” he said, winking at her.  “Besides, I already paid Pam for the next month, so I’m not planning on going anywhere tomorrow, except back to work on the Inn.”

When her mouth dropped open in disbelief, he leaned close and brushed those soft, full lips over hers.   “Sleep well, Jen,” he smiled and headed back up the stairs.  Maybe being back in Brim was going to be fun after all, he thought.