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Monday Musings about The Eagles…

The Eagles
Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B Schmidt
The new Eagles
Schmidt, Vince Gill, Henley, Deacon Frey, Walsh

ESPN aired a special last night, Eagles: Live from the Forum MMXVIII, with highlights from three sold out concerts at the LA Forum back in 2018. Nothing says summer to me like the California soft rock harmony of this band.

Oh, it brought back memories for me! I was lucky enough to see the band perform twice, once from the nosebleed seats of Chicago’s United Center and once while getting a lovely contact high on a gorgeous summer night in the bleachers at Soldier Field.

Sadly, the Eagles lost founding member Glenn Frey back in 2016 from pneumonia related to his RA and colitis. Don Henley declared the band would not go on performing without Glenn. But by 2017, Glenn’s son, Deacon Frey, had joined the group along with country legend Vince Gill and the Eagles went on.

I was mesmerized seeing this young man who was only 25 singing his father’s songs and playing guitar in front of thousands only two years after his dad’s death! And he looks so much like his father in the early years of the band. Deacon and Vince Gill seemed to take turns performing all of Glenn Frey’s songs and they both did him proud!

If you have a chance to catch this three hour special when ESPN or one of its affiliates reruns it, you won’t be disappointed!

Monday Musings about Obsession…like Hauser

I can’t seem to find the post I thought I had done yesterday so maybe I inadvertently trashed it? I’m doing many things inadvertently lately, probably cause I’m not sleeping enough and I’m on Facebook too much!

I know I’m always behind, but I’ve just discovered Stjepan Hauser, a Croatian cellist who has been highly successful as part of 2Cellos for many years. He has recently released a classical CD on his own and posts incredible videos with Italian singer Benedetta Caretta who sings like an angel. They are seriously 🔥 together! I am officially obsessed…

Or this one makes me smile…

It’s Football Sunday…

A few weeks ago I heard Joan Jett singing on the radio and sadly, because I’m the mother of boys, my first thought was, “It’s the Sunday Night Football song!”

I knew that couldn’t be true but I was forced to look it up and it was actually Jett’s song, “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” instead (on which the SNF song is based). Either way, it’s a great song! And I guess there’s just too much testosterone in my house, LOL…

Dancing Queen…


Went to see Mama Mia, Here We Go Again, even though I hadn’t seen the first movie, because all the hype and reviews about this one were so good.  I have to tell you I liked it even more than I thought I would!

A few parts are a little slow-moving, but the ABBA music is fun and the 70s outfits are a riot.  The story switches between present day and the late 70s and explains how Donna Sheridan (played by Lily James and Meryl Streep) ended up in Greece originally.

Lots of cute moments include one with two of Sophie’s possible dads reenacting a scene from Titanic.  And platinum-wigged Cher as Sophie’s grandma is a hoot.  “But, Grandma,” says Sophie, “you weren’t invited!”  “Those are the best kind of parties, little girl!” Grandma retorts.

I’m still not sure why, but the last several scenes left me SO emotional, I was almost sobbing by the end.  Some weird repressed memories or just missing my youth, maybe!?  Two thumbs up for a fun summer musical.

What I Think About Sandra…

The lovely C. at Cyranny had an idea that all of us who love Sandra from What Sandra Thinks could show our support for her as she’s been having a rough time of things lately.  I adore her blog and was happy to comply!
How did you discover Sandra’s blog?
 I believe I stumbled across her blog while visiting The Lonely Author blog few years ago.  Sandra’s interactions with Drew on his poetry and stories were so funny and sexy and snarky that I just had to look up her blog.  And the rest is history!
How long have you been following her?
I’d say almost as long as I’ve been at WordPress, so about two years now…
What do you enjoy the most about “What Sandra Thinks”?
You never know what you’ll find.  New and different music, cute items for sale at her RedBubble page, romantic fiction and some of the funniest rants.  I adore one she has about the way people drive.  I actually read it out loud to hubby one morning over coffee because it was just too funny to keep to myself!
What do you like the most about Sandra herself?
Her dark and sarcastic sense of humor.  I’m much more like her in real life, although I’m like Little Mary Sunshine on here.  She sometimes says exactly what I’d like to say if I had the nerve… (and my family wasn’t reading my blog!)
What would be one of your favorite posts from Sandra?
Well, I really should read ahead on these questions, shouldn’t I?  The one about the way people drive is probably my fave.
What would you tell Sandra, if you two were talking over a cup of coffee?
You are such a lovely woman, talented, way too hard on yourself, especially about the kind of mom you are and your skills.  Let’s walk together, let’s get coffee at least once a week…
What do you wish for Sandra, in the future?
Less back pain, more calm, maybe a little less caffeine, more self-confidence, a freaking fabulous job and a house in Hawaii on the beach where she can write in peace…
Sandra, I love you, honey!