Virtual Lover (cont.)


You can find the first part of Virtual Lover here.

They slept the sated sleep of lovers exhausted, entwined in each other.  Even as one stretched and turned, the other moved, drawn like a magnet.  The dance repeated until early morning light crept into the room and bright blue smiled into velvety brown.  They reached for each other again and soft moans and hums of pleasure filled the early morning air.

Then once again exhaustion overtook and they slept until the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee crept through the house and once again icy blue smiled into warm brown. She closed her eyes briefly, planning just to relax another moment.

Then she felt the touch of butterfly wings above her right eye as he placed her coffee with just the right touch of cream on the night table and slowly and gently began kissing her awake…

She leaned back in her chair, savoring the warmth and richness of her cup of coffee and the scene she had just written.

Me and JP, Conversations with an Almost 4 Year Old…

20160816_124532 20160816_124400 20160816_124417_001JP is my almost 4 year old grandson. He and his mom and dad and their English bulldog lived with us while their new house was being built.  One of the best things about having them here was spending time talking with him.  It makes me hopeful for the next generation.  He is so wise and so much fun!   You can find all my Me and JP stories here.

The other day, JP and I had this conversation while playing volleyball in the living room with a helium filled balloon from a local chain restaurant called Red Robin.

Me:  Let me tie a knot in the end of the balloon so we can play.

JP:  What if you don’t tie a knot?

Me:  Well, the air will all come out of it.

JP:  Oh, I know, like an explosion.

Me:  Well, no, not like an explosion.  More like a whoosh.

JP:  Oh, it’s okay, Nana, an explosion is just like a bomb going off!

Me:  What?


And tomorrow my adorable boy starts preschool!  Just two half days a week, but a big step nevertheless.  He is so ready for school and friends and we play animal school sometimes with several Beanie Baby animals and a bear in  grass skirt as the teacher!

Me:  Why are those animals on the top of the couch?

JP:  Nana, those are the grandma and grandpa dogs up there.

Me:  What are they doing?

JP:  They’re just staying to watch the kids at school.

Me:  Oh, honey, they have to leave and come back later to pick the grandkids up.

JP:  Well, okay, but just the one will stay.

Me:  No, Hon, they all have to go so class can start.  The moms and dads go to work, right?

JP:  Right, but the nanas stay cause somebody might be scared.

Me:  Aw, sweetie, there’s nothing to be scared of.  You’ll talk about the weather and learn Spanish and practice writing and go wash your hands and have a snack.

JP:  Nana, know what my favorite word is?

Me:  What?

JP:  Poop.  Poopyhead!

Me:  Well, let’s think of another in case your teacher asks…

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…


Well, it is that time of the year again…



Virtual Lover…


She strolled into their bedroom after her shower, fluffy white robe tied neatly at her waist, twirling one of the sash ends lazily in a circle.  Long, slim legs and feet bare, toes painted siren red.  Smooth dark hair swung over one shoulder with each step she took.

He looked up from his book, startlingly blue eyes alight with interest as she bent forward to kiss him.

Book forgotten, he hooked one finger into the gaping neck of her robe, pulling her closer and closer until she could feel his warm breath by her ear.

Shivering with delight, she gasped as his cool hands slid inside her robe, unerringly finding soft, damp curves.   As the robe fell away, she heard his sharp intake of breath, felt his approval as she snuggled into his embrace.

Yes, she thought with satisfaction, that flowed well.  And tapping her siren red-painted fingernails on the keyboard, she proceeded to write the next page.

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole


Things changed all too quickly
For everyone’s taste
And days making plans
Suddenly all went to waste

They said, “Go find a rabbit,
A cat and a queen of a woman with heart,”
There’s so much to do before
The ending can start

Life as she knows it is taking a break
But Alice is cool
As she gathers her team, and her people
have people and they all have some pull

She mustn’t be late for the all-important date
With the man in the hat who will keep her intact
And the cat and the rabbit and the woman with heart
Will all have their roles when it comes time to act

Then someone will serve tea through an IV
Or another such thing
And they’re sure she’ll be happy
If it has just a little more zing

So slowly she’s falling, no, there’s no net,
Deeper down the hole, rarely shedding a tear
Because all Alice really wants
Is to make herself clear


Hi, my name is Alice…

Photo credit:  Pixabay


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