Wordless Wednesday…

(This is what set off our Ring doorbell system last night at 11:31 p.m.) 🥺


Monday Musings about Medical Procedures…

I’m apparently falling apart physically, bit by bit. To go one year without some sort of medical procedure is still a pipe dream for me!

Within the last five years I went from hearing my eye doctor say you have the start of cataracts, let’s keep an eye on them, to I have good news and bad news — Your vision has gotten so much worse, but it’s only because you have cataracts! Yes, he’s a very funny, cheerful guy.

I suggested they might be genetic because my sister, mom and dad all had cataract surgery and he said, sure, let’s go with that😂. The other possibility is that I’m simply getting closer to that magic age, so, yay!

But the final straw came a few weeks ago when I slipped on dark wood stairs at my friends’ house and realized when I looked down I just didn’t see the stair. I’m still getting over the aches and pains from that mishap…

So, as a public service before I hurt myself again or injure someone else, I’m having the surgery this Friday on my right eye and in two weeks on my left. If I’m absent for a bit again, that’s all it is and I’ll be back soon, new and improved once again!

This morning I’m off to have some test for astigmatism to see if they can use Toric implants to correct it. Wish me luck!

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…


Myopic Mishap, Twittering Tales #149…

Kat Myrman at Mercury Colliding has provided another interesting photo prompt for a very short story of no more than 280 characters.  Here’s my take this week and you can read all the entries and/or join in by visiting Kat’s site.

Inching towards O’Hare as construction funneled traffic to one lane, Liz squinted and tapped “in 149” on her cell.

The reply was immediate. “Leave it.” Complying, she jumped out and fixed her contact lens. Too late she saw it was Taxi #159 where she had left the device…

276 characters

Monsters of the Midway…

It was hot as blazes down in Bourbonnais where the Chicago Bears hold their preseason training camp in late July and early August. But it’s only 50 or so miles from us, so we drove down.

Picture from Bears site

#52, the fabulous Khalil Mack!

#29, Tarik Cohen, #10, Mitch Trubisky, #87, Adam Shaheen and #20, Prince Amukamara

#72, Charles Leno, Jr. and #10, Trubisky

Picture from Bears site

We had (free) tickets for August 5 and all 90 some Bears on the roster were there; no holdouts this year. My sons had an especially good time as we marveled at how close we were to the players, closer than you would ever be at an NFL game.

We didn’t try for autographs as it was Armed Forces Day and the first 150 or so active duty military and 50 kids who signed up got a chance and it was SO crowded.

But it was another fun event we squeezed in before school starts up again and the summer is over!