Will you…


Will you take the time to know me
Beyond the secret of my curves
I’ll return the favor
And explore your attributes…

Will you celebrate life’s wonders
Let me see it in your eyes
That you couldn’t live without me
You’d never want to try…

Will you stay with me forever
Or as long as time allows
You see, I can’t release you
I’m afraid I don’t know how…



A to Z Theme Reveal…



Yesterday was technically A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal Day, but as usual, I’m a day late!  I was trying to decide if I could keep up with the blogging for the entire month of April this year and I’m still not sure, but what the heck, right?  It’s not like I get fined if I miss a day!

I’m going to go with Me & JP, Conversations with a Preschooler, as my theme this year.  He has provided me with a wealth of information over the years we’ve been babysitting him and now that he’s close to becoming a kindergartener, I may have to abandon this topic after a year or so.

I hope you’ll find the stories as enjoyable as we do.  Most days they’ll be pretty short so it won’t be a big commitment to follow!

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

And it’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Party responsibly, my friends…




Happy Pi Day…

Pi, Mathematics, Love Locks

It’s 3/14 and math lovers everywhere are celebrating Pi Day by grabbing deals on pizza and other pies!

Pi Day Free Pie & Deals (I got this online, so I know they must be right!)
Marie Callender’s
The deal: In honor of Pi Day, you can grab a free slice of pie with a coupon available on its site. You can pick from more than 20 varieties, including the limited edition Celebration Cake Pie, available through March 31.

When: March 14

Whole Foods

The deal: The grocery store is offering $3.14 off large bakery pies purchased in-store. The variety will vary by location, but you’re getting pi off your pie.

When: March 14

Boston Market

The deal: Bring in a Pi Day coupon and you can land a free rotisserie chicken pot pie with the purchase of any other meal and drink.

When: March 14


The deal: Pick up three of Bojangles’ individually-sized sweet potato pies for $3.14

When: March 14

Grand Traverse Pie Company

The deal: Grab a free slice of the restaurant’s Michigan ABC Pie with any purchase. The deal is available at all 16 locations.

When: March 14

Village Inn

The deal: While it’s not Pi Day specific, Village Inn offers a free slice of its classic fruit pie, Mint Brownie Blast Pie, or Coconut Cream Pie every Wednesday with any in-restaurant purchase. The pie gods have smiled on you because Pi Day is a Wednesday.

When: Every Wednesday

Bakers Square

The deal: Get $2 off a whole pie for the mathematical holiday. That excludes cheesecakes and carrot cakes, but you can use the discount on as many pies as you’d like.

When: March 13-14

Blaze Pizza

Papa Murphy’s

Urban Brick

Cici’s Pizza

And I find it very poignant that Stephen Hawking, 76, passed away today, the most mathematical day of the year…

# Tuesday Haiku…


Back buying diapers

Could be for hubby or me

Always a bright side!



My beautiful Chief, who is part terrier and part Chow, will be 15 in July.  He’s got arthritis, he’s getting hard of hearing and now having problems with incontinence overnight.  He’s been my baby since we adopted him at 8 weeks.  So sad to see him age, especially since he’s almost 50 pounds and not easy to help in and out of the house.  But he still loves going for a walk every day and he’s a really good sport about wearing his “man pants!”

We will probably need to redo the floor in the sunroom eventually, but at least the damage is being confined to one room.  If anyone has any other ideas, I’m open to suggestions!