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Holy Pumpkin, Batman!

Dear grandson's pumpkin..

Dear grandson’s pumpkin..

Quoth the raven…

Common California raven (I'm sure he's special in his own way...)

Common California raven (I’m sure he’s special in his own way…)

Nevermore vacation!   With apologies to Poe…and Happy Halloween to all!!


One of my newest virtual friends, Charlotte Latvala, is so fun and funny, you really need to check out her blog! I know she’ll have you smiling…

The Introvert's Dictionary

OCTOBER, n. Favorite month for introverts, i.e. a time period when it’s socially acceptable to hide behind a mask.

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A Little Something for TBT…

Ever After (Nantucket Brides Trilogy, #3)Ever After by Jude Deveraux
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

The latest book in the Nantucket Brides trilogy is a quirky romance with an old fashioned timeless feel. Jaimie is a dark and damaged hero, injured in the Middle East, whose close knit (read interfering) family hopes to help him overcome his PTSD and heal a severe knee injury by hiring a private physical therapist.

Therapist Hallie, dragging along some hefty emotional baggage of her own, is able to slowly pull Jaimie out of his shell with her cheerful devotion to duty and professionalism.  Well, she’s professional until the attraction between them sizzles and they’re kissing each other senseless!

Add in Hallie’s beautiful but devious half sister, two elegant matchmaking ghosts, a host of gorgeous and delightfully interfering family and even a royal wedding via satellite TV and you have an enjoyable, ethereal tale of finding one’s true love and passion.

(Originally published at Goodreads in May, 2015)

World’s largest rotating tram…(Let me bore you with vacation photos) :)

2015-10-27 07.58.07I rode an aerial tramway 2.5 miles up into the San Jacinto Mountains in about 12 minutes.  Me, who got sick twice on the drive up Haleakala on Maui, actually had fun on this trip up the mountain in California.  It really was exhilarating and I took these pictures on the ride up.  Palm Springs Aerial Tramway has the largest rotating tram cars in the world, built by Von Roll Tramways in Olten, Switzerland. The cars can each hold 80 people, but there were less than half that on our trip up. So as the floor slowly rotated, we all had window views.   (The tram car picture is from a brochure, the others taken with my Samsung Galaxy 6.)

The trip begins at the Valley Station at 2,643 feet elevation, middle row picture on the left.  When you reach the Mountain Station (middle row, right) you’re at 8,516 feet.  It was 92 degrees at the start and a refreshingly brisk 54 degrees at the tram station up top.

The mountain views and the bottom picture showing some of the Coachella Valley were taken as we travelled beginning in the Sonora Desert through five distinct life zones ending in Alpine wilderness.

The mountains are home to bighorn sheep, mountain lions, coyote, raccoons, foxes — but we were lucky to see a bushy tailed gray squirrel.  When you reach the top, you’ve arrived at Mt. San Jacinto State Park, with a ranger station, campgrounds and 54 miles of hiking trails for everyone from novices to experts, which some of our group tried out.  My right knee was still bothering me so I only hiked as far as the gift shop 😉