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Monday Musings about Moving…

Living amidst chaos…
And tons of unpacked boxes in my sunroom!

But the stove and microwave are in place and working so we don’t have to get take out for all our meals anymore. And we have our coffeemaker and the turquoise bowl for popcorn, so we’re pretty well set!

We haven’t found the silverware and dishes yet, so we are washing plastic silverware to reuse. My sweet David said to me tonight, “But we can throw the paper plates away, right?” Lol, yes we can!

When I start to worry about the huge job in front of me I remind myself how far I’ve come in the last 18 months. We will be just fine! Stay healthy and safe, everyone..,

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…


Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

You’re welcome 😉

Some new pictures…

The official move of furniture from storage to the new house will be next Tuesday so we are pushing like crazy to get flooring done. I’m painting cabinets, appliances will be delivered Sunday and I’ve almost gotten all the rolls of old carpet, padding and linoleum disposed of, even dropping some off at friends’ houses! Asking first, of course… lol

Kitchen cabinet color is Software, still need hardware, lol (and countertops)
Foyer is done except for hall closet and trim
Awful brass light fixtures will be replaced!
Possibility for the dining room. Yes or no?

Monday Musings about The Eagles…

The Eagles
Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B Schmidt
The new Eagles
Schmidt, Vince Gill, Henley, Deacon Frey, Walsh

ESPN aired a special last night, Eagles: Live from the Forum MMXVIII, with highlights from three sold out concerts at the LA Forum back in 2018. Nothing says summer to me like the California soft rock harmony of this band.

Oh, it brought back memories for me! I was lucky enough to see the band perform twice, once from the nosebleed seats of Chicago’s United Center and once while getting a lovely contact high on a gorgeous summer night in the bleachers at Soldier Field.

Sadly, the Eagles lost founding member Glenn Frey back in 2016 from pneumonia related to his RA and colitis. Don Henley declared the band would not go on performing without Glenn. But by 2017, Glenn’s son, Deacon Frey, had joined the group along with country legend Vince Gill and the Eagles went on.

I was mesmerized seeing this young man who was only 25 singing his father’s songs and playing guitar in front of thousands only two years after his dad’s death! And he looks so much like his father in the early years of the band. Deacon and Vince Gill seemed to take turns performing all of Glenn Frey’s songs and they both did him proud!

If you have a chance to catch this three hour special when ESPN or one of its affiliates reruns it, you won’t be disappointed!