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Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…



Hahaha….I saw this on Facebook and it just made me laugh!

TMI… Awards Edition


I’ve been really remiss about keeping up with these lovely awards that some of my blogging friends have seen fit to bestow upon me.  So I’ve decided to combine the most recent ones into one or two giant chunks of TMI (too much information) about me.  I’m always happy to share.  I talked about myself ad nauseam during the A to Z Challenge in April so you know I’m like an open book 😉

But rather than nominate other people, I’d just like to list some of my favorite blogs at the end and hope you check them out.  Anyone who would like to participate and answer the questions, please feel free to do so… if you’re following my blog, consider yourself nominated!

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Name seven things you love about yourself.
  • Nominate and notify seven bloggers about this award.
  • You can’t nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Don’t forget to display the award in your post.

I was nominated for this award by the lovely Lennon Carlyle at Fabulous with Glitches. She is loads of fun, gorgeous and super nice.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you need to drop by, especially on Wednesday for her Hump Day posts.  Hilarious!

I hope I can come up with seven things I love about myself.  I think writers tend to be our own worst critics sometimes.

1)  I like my sometimes odd sense of humor

2)  I am a loyal friend

3)  I am generous with my time and affection

4)  I am all about compromise

5)  I work to see the silver lining

6)  I’m a good mediator

7)  I’m pretty even keeled and go with the flow (when on my meds) 🙂





I was also recently nominated for the Sunshine Award by Robert at Levishedated.  Today is Robert’s birthday and he has a very clever and witty blog, so please stop by to check it out and wish him Happy Birthday!  Here are are his questions:

  1. Where in the world would you like to live for the next 6 months if money and responsibilities were of no concern?  Maui.  I feel at peace there.  
  2. What is your favourite part of a rainbow? So many things, the colors, the rain ending, the pot of gold at the end!
  3. Why do you not forgive your worst enemy? I don’t really feel that I have an enemy.
  4. How many smiles do you think you could give people in a single day?  An infinite amount, you can’t put a number on happiness!
  5. When will you be famous?  Oh, I already am in some circles.  Nope, I don’t wish to elaborate.
  6. Who is your idol? Uhm, Billy?
  7. Do you dream in colour (do you dream at all?)  I often dream, it feels like it’s in color.
  8. Describe the sensation of falling off the edge of a tall building in a dream.  I would never be up there on the edge.  I’m pretty afraid of heights.  Instead, what if I tell you a recurring dream I sometimes have?  I’m in a car that’s driving along a narrow road and comes to a bridge.  After we drive onto the bridge, I see that water engulfs the road at the end and as we continue forward, we’ll plunge under water.  This is where I wake up!  I really would like to know what it means.  Does anyone know what it would mean?
  9. What are the 3 most interesting things about your wardrobe? The cost, the colors, the amount of jewelry 🙂


I was also nominated for the Sunshine Award by Minaxi at Gameplan Happily Ever After   Minaxi is adorable and fun (she dyed her hair pink and it’s so cute!) and she’s like my adopted daughter.  She and her gorgeous hubby are in NYC right now and she’s been posting about their summer adventures when she can.  And here are her questions:

1. Favorite vacation place (which you have been/ in bucket list) so far it’s Hawaii
2. Top of your wish list currently? (can be anything) world peace (very Ms. America, I know.  But wouldn’t it be great?)
3. A person/memory/possession you are proud of the most in your life.  My family
4. Three qualities that define you (you can list more if you want)  likeable, generous, caring
5. One weird fact about yourself😀 It MUST be weird😉 I have the musical taste of a 10 year old girl.  I apologize.
6. What can rebound you from sadness? That makes you feel better on a bad day.  Hugs from someone I love, listening to my favorite music, talking things out, chocolate 
7. Would you change anything about you? If so what trait? Self-consciousness.  It’s a really selfish trait, because if I feel that way I know I’m turning inward and not focusing on the people around me
8. What is the one thing that turns you off totally?  Seeing someone being cruel to another person or living thing — I would have to step in 
9. When do you usually write? Like do you have any specific time daily for writing?  I don’t have a specific time, I tend to write in short spurts, whenever I can 
10. What posts do you wish to see more in blogosphere?  I love posts that are humorous
11. All time favorite movie? (more than one is also fine. I understand :D)  I love White Christmas and The Holiday, romance and Christmas, nothing better!

 I was also nominated  for the One Lovely Blog Award by Minaxi at Gameplan Happily Ever After


1. Thank the person that nominated you and give a link to their blog
2. List the rules.
3. Display the award on your post of the award.
4. List seven facts about yourself.
5. Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

Seven Facts about Me:

1.  I don’t cook much, but I watch Food Network like a champ!

2.  I love most sports.  Right now it’s baseball and watching my Chicago Cubs!

3.  I think laughter makes the world go round <3. But love is pretty great, too!

4.  I’ve had to give up extreme sports (well, that’s what the doctor said!) because I found out I have a genetic blood clotting disorder and have to take blood thinners.   And now I’m lamenting that I never tried skydiving, although the whole fear of heights thing probably would be a problem.   So, thanks, mom or dad, for this one, along with my brown hair and eyes and anxiety disorder!

5.  I love to travel and we are lucky enough to own a timeshare on Maui

6.  My very first job was as a maid at a local motel when I was 15

7.  Christmas and the weeks leading up to it is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the smells, the decorations, the lights, the music, the baking, shopping for the perfect presents (usually online) and the movies on The Hallmark Channel.  I know, lame…

Here are some of my favorite blogs for you to check out in addition to the ones above and please watch for Part 2 of TMI, the Awards Edition…

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Brave… an antonymic limerick


Sometimes fear becomes irrational
While awaiting results factual

Trying to be brave
Determined not to cave

Anxiety reigns, understandable!


Photo credit:  pixabay

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge, Antonyms.

Lessons Learned, Part 9


I’ll give you a little synopsis of what’s happened so far, but feel free to start at the beginning and read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 , 67 and 8 for the complete story, especially if you’re new to my blog. 🙂

Regina loved Bobby back in high school, they had a huge fight and split up before they knew she was pregnant.  When she lost the baby, she tried to get in touch with him but he never came to the hospital.  They hadn’t spoken since, until they meet up in the airport on Maui, where they’re unknowingly standing up at the same wedding.  They’ve talked some and Bobby insists he never knew about the baby, which has Reggie totally confused about her feelings for him.  He’s always called her Gina and she always called him Bobby, but their friends (Jamie and Mike from my short story  Eyes Wide Open) know them as Reggie and Rob.  


Mike and Jamie’s wedding day dawns cloudless and beautiful, but it’s Maui, so what else would you expect?  We have all day to get ready, staring with massages and mani-pedis, hair and make up, and its wonderfully relaxed and pampering.  Jamie wants our hair kind of loosely pulled back with flowers which is perfect for a beach wedding.  And she even found some kind of sun block with glimmer to it, so we’ll be glowing even as we’re protected!

When the girl doing our make up asks if we’d thought about false eyelashes or lash extensions, Jamie and I look at each other and just burst out laughing.  Jamie tries to explain how the one time she tried lash extensions her lashes got stuck together and she ended up tripping and spilling red wine across the front of her white silk blouse, all in front of her soon-to-be groom.  But the little Hawaiian cosmetician only looks confused and Jamie trails off into a fit of nervous giggles.

Jamie’s mom came with us to the spa and she’s looking good, even though she’s about 60 now.  She hugs me tightly and I can tell she’s getting all emotional.  I guess it’s not everyday your only daughter gets married.  I assure her that yes, I think Jamie and Mike are very right for each other and will be blissful together.  Jamie rolls her eyes and makes faces at me behind her mom’s back like we were 10 years old.  It feels really good to be smiling again.

Then it’s early evening and time to go back to our rooms to get dressed.  Bobby knocks on my door to escort me downstairs and I can see the appreciation in his eyes, especially as they settle on my cleavage before guiltily returning to my face.  I can’t help but smile and shake my head at the chagrined look on his face.

He clears his throat. “You look incredible, Gina — Reggie.  I told myself I was going to try to call you that, sorry.”

I smile a little. “So should I call you Rob now?”

“Well, Bobby does sound a little high school, doesn’t it?  It didn’t work out so well at my first job. Nobody wanted their accountant to be called Bobby.  But when you say it, it sounds like home.”

I shrug my shoulders and turn away quickly, before Bobby can see all the emotions I’m feeling.  I wonder what he’s doing, saying all those things to me now.  I don’t like the swirl of emotion in my stomach and turn to gather up my purse and a light summer sweater in case the evening breezes are too cool later on. Then we set off for the beach.

It looks like everyone is assembled already, with the exception of the bride and her father.  Mike looks really relieved to see us.  He’s so big and solid, I guess I didn’t expect him to be nervous.  But I swear I’m seeing his hands shake just a little bit.  I walk over to kiss his cheek and whisper, “I’ll go check on her and see how long yet.”  Mike grabs my hand and leans in.  “You don’t think something’s wrong, do you?  Like she changed her mind?”

“For God’s sake, Michael, get a grip!” I hiss at him. “Talk to Rob over there and I’ll be back in a minute.”  I toss my head toward Bobby and find him looking a little amused. He claps Mike on the back and moves him toward the beach bar. “C’mon, man there’s probably time for one beer,” he says and Mike looks shocked.  As I walk toward the hotel, I hear Mike saying how Jamie would kill him if he smelled like beer during the wedding. Maybe some ice water will calm him down!
As I’m heading past the lighted tiki torches, I spot Jamie and her dad walking towards the beach. She looks wonderful and I can see by the glow about her that Mike has no need to worry. “Reggie,” she calls. “You look fabulous in that dress!”  I smile because it’s just like her to do that.  The bride telling me how good I look.  “Aww, honey, you’re so beautiful,” I say, careful not to muss her dress or hair as I give her a hug. “You better hurry,” I tease, “or Mike will think you’re not gonna show up!”  “Yeah, right, like he’d ever worry about that,” she smiles.  “But I’m more than ready.  Daddy, what do you say we get on down there?”

Mr. Cooper wings out his other arm for me to grab and escorts us to the beach where Mike is looking considerably better now that we’re approaching.   And as I take my place to walk towards the flower-strewn trellis on the sand, the beautiful strains of “Over the Rainbow” accompany Jamie and her dad as they start down the sandy aisle.  The sun is just beginning to set as Jamie and Mike face each other and take their vows.

Afterwards we all go to one of those fun touristy luaus with all the Hawaiian delicacies and wonderful music.  Mike and Jamie are feted by the Master of Ceremonies as the only newlywed couple tonight. Deliciously tropical mai tais and pina coladas are flowing and by the time I get up to dance with Bobby my head is spinning ever so slightly.  He holds me a little too close and I find that I don’t mind a bit.  I swear, it’s like all the years are falling away and we’re back together again.

As I look into Bobby’s beautiful face I can hardly remember why we aren’t still together.  And I swear he’s looking at me with love in his eyes.  He leans down and I feel his breath on my cheek, as he whispers into my ear, “I love you, baby.  Please spend tonight with me.”

I think I might be falling in love with him again!  The thought surprises me, but I nod my head and smile and he breaks into a huge grin. “C’mon, then, let’s say our good night’s to everyone so we can go.  After all this time apart, I don’t want to wait another minute.”

(To be continued…)

Photo credit: Pixabay

Monday Musings and Roadtripping…


Some of my LWL friends and I went on our annual summer trip for a long weekend away by ourselves to shop, eat out, drink a few cocktails, maybe go swimming and stop at a Farmer’s Market for sure…

We did most all of that and it was a fun weekend, although hot as blazes in the Midwest!  I forgot my anxiety med at home and had to have my doctor fax a prescription to a pharmacy where we were so I could get through the weekend.  By the second day without having it and finally taking a pill that night, I was already beginning a complete breakdown stupid panic attack.  I will never forget my medicine again!

I have to admit that my possible pneumonia or Zika virus lingering cold and cough also contributed to shopping apathy and I was a little disappointed to only bring home some tomatoes and blueberries from the Farmer’s Market.  Luckily my friends worked overtime to keep the boutique owners afloat!