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Happy December 29…

I must admit I’ll be disappointed when Amazon’s Alexa runs out of gifts at the end of the month. Today’s gift from us is a little winter poem!

The best of all sleds is the toboggan

You can fit all your friends and your dog in

But once you get going

There’s no way of slowing

So your hat may fly off of your noggin! (unless you’re a panda)

Monday Musings about My Class Reunion…

Saturday night was my (mumbling year) high school class reunion.  It was held at a lovely venue in the western suburbs of Chicago, with an open bar and appetizers.  There was also a wedding reception at the same location.  One of the bridesmaids asked me in the ladies room if I was there for the reunion.  I said yes and she said, oh, is it your 20th?  Ah, sweet, adorable, obviously alcohol-impaired young lady!

I dragged hubby along with me and he knows no one I went to school with because I met him after college, but he was a great sport.  We had such fun talking to my friend Gloria and her hubby, David, who made the trip in from Florida.  I swear Gloria looks just like she did in high school.  Bitch.  No, no, just kidding.  She is just as lovely as ever and I’m sure it’s not her fault that she hasn’t aged a bit!  Also talked with Terry and his wife, Jan, who came in from Iowa.  I’ve known him since we were in sixth grade — about age 12 in the U.S. — and had seen them ten years ago at the last reunion I attended.

Then there was Al, another Terry, Mike, John and his wife Mary, Maureen and Ina and her husband, Gary.  Ina is the only person I actually knew only from high school.  We were in the same Russian class.  Yes, I took Russian for four years in high school.  I can’t say that I’ve ever used it since, but I’m always excited when I can read some of the alphabet, like on the Russian teams’ Olympic uniforms, haha.

There was a band who played just a little too loudly, but apparently it was a group of guys from high school who’ve gotten back together and are playing some local venues.  They were actually quite good although not many people were dancing.  We were too busy catching up on all those years apart.  But my absolute favorite part of the evening was when someone told me she used to have her hair dyed platinum, like mine!  Made my night 🙂

Friendship…a Limerick


The reasons that friends stay friends

On circumstances really depends

It could be they’re two peas in a pod

Or have separate interests, decidedly odd

But shared secrets are the best in the end!

Photo credit:  Pixabay

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry ChallengeFriendship.  I was inspired by my recent girlfriends weekend away where we decided “what happens on vacation stays on vacation!”

Ta, Ta, a Limerick…


You’re tired of me, I’ve had enough of you

Two became one, now we’re going back to two

We might still talk but that’s about it

Hell, no, we can’t be friends with benefits

I’m leaving now, but you can still enjoy the view 😉

~Diane D.

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge, Farewell

#atozchallenge, P is for Presence…


Even as a little girl, I liked giving gifts as much as receiving them.  I always loved trying to figure out the perfect present to make someone happy.   Getting birthday presents gradually became less important over the years, probably because I’ve been given so much in life already that there isn’t anything much that I need or want.  We are blessed with a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothing to wear, relatively good health, enough money for bills and the more than occasional dinner out (which is really a gift to my family because you know I’m not much of a cook!)

But more than that, we have an abundance of riches in the people in our lives.  Both hubby and I come from larger families so we share a big blended family of siblings and their spouses, cousins, nieces and nephews, children, stepchildren, grandchildren and even a great grandbaby.

So many others have come into our life, people who’ve chosen to be here — long time friends, new friends, work friends, neighbors, my ladies who lunch girlfriends and now my new virtual blogging friends. The presence of all you wonderful people means more to me than I could ever explain and I thank you for being part of my life…

~Diane D.                                           Photo from etsy.com

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays.)