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Blogging A to Z Theme Reveal…

Today is the day we announce that we’re going to participate in the month long A to Z Challenge in April and what our theme will be.¬† I’m planning a very short fiction piece each day, say 50 or 100 words, with a subject matter beginning with the appropriate letter.

Hopefully April 30 will not have to be about zebras, but it’s still too early to tell! ūüôā¬† And, of course, I reserve the right to dredge up an old piece and rework it if time becomes short.

If you’re interested, I hope you’ll check out the Blogging A to Z site and think about participating.¬† Last year was a little nerve wracking, but a lot of fun!


#atozchallenge, Z is for Zoogonous…


Another new obscure word for me, zoogonous is an adjective meaning giving birth to live offspring rather than laying an egg, so to speak! ¬† Which I’m hoping is a little analogous to what I’ve done with my blog since I began writing it last fall ūüôā

And with this Z post, my 2016 A to Z challenge is done.  So much fun, so much work, sign me up for next year!

~Diane D.

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays!)

#atozchallenge,Y is for Yawning…


Which is what we’ll be doing by the end of today, the third birthday celebration this week. ¬†Today is youngest son’s birthday (the little cutie on the left) and the last in April for us. ¬†When he was about this age, he’d always ask me why his birthday had to be last… ¬†I told him it was kind of his choice. ¬†Had he waited until his May due date, he could have had the whole month to himself!

Those are little casts on his legs in the picture because he had just had a heel cord release to help him walk more easily.  He has cerebral palsy and has had several surgeries over the years.

And while he was at the hospital, volunteers brought puppies and kittens to visit. Youngest was sure it was part of the package and asked if the dog was his, could he keep it? ¬†The poor volunteer! So, of course hubby went over to the Humane Society the next day and that’s how we got our first dog, Rusty.

Now that he’s grown up, youngest son wants to go shopping and pick out CDs and DVDs or tee shirts that he wants, so we will do that today. ¬† And even now that he’s older, we try to make sure not to run out of steam too soon so we can celebrate the last April birthday as much as the first!

~Diane D.

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays!)

#atozchallenge, X is for Xylophone…


The perfect birthday¬†gifts for babies and small children¬†IF they are not kept at your house! ¬†(And tambourines and drums and cymbals…)

~Diane D.

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays!)

#atozchallenge, W is for Wishes…


From what I’ve been reading, a popular belief seems to be that putting candles on birthday cakes was a custom started by ancient Greeks. ¬†They would place candles on a cake they offered to Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon. ¬†Candles were placed in a circle to make the cake glow like the moon.

The custom of placing lit candles on a cake-like bread was thought to be a way of communicating with the gods that ancient peoples believed lived in the sky.  And some felt that when a person made a wish while blowing out the flame a signal or message was received by the gods and the prayerful wish would be granted.

More modern day birthday cakes with candles are attributed to 18th Century Germans who celebrated Kinderfest or birthday celebrations for their children. ¬†Today in the UK, Australia and North America, one candle for each year is generally placed on the cake (space permitting, of course ūüôā ) ¬†Sometimes an extra candle is added for luck. ¬†And the birthday person makes a private wish that will only come true if all the candles are extinguished in a single breath.

If you would like detailed instructions for creating a birthday wish (hey, no judgement) you can go here¬†to check out an insructional video. ¬†I prefer to just close my eyes, wish for another wonderful year, and blow out the candles! ¬†(But shh, don’t tell anyone or it might not come true!)

~ Diane D.

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays.)