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Happy New Year’s Eve…

Still in Virginia enjoying family and the summer-like weather! Yesterday it was 75 degrees, unusual even for here at the end of December.

Some pictures below from the display on the boardwalk. It’s the only time of the year you can drive along the boardwalk rather than walk.

Can’t believe it’s almost 2020! Let’s make it a wonderful year…

Monday Musings about Veteran’s Day…

A heartfelt thank you to all veterans who have served to keep us safe…

I have a lot of military relatives and without getting all political, I must admit I’m very, very proud of them all!

My husband…

My dad…

My brother-in-law…

My father-in-law was in the Navy as was one of my uncles. To them and all veterans today and always, thank you for your service!

Three Days, Three Quotes…2

My lovely friend Sandra tagged me to do this challenge and here are the general guidelines…
Thank the person who nominated you.
Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
Nominate three bloggers each day. Please feel free to participate if you would like, I’m not very good at the whole linking to blogs thing!!

This is Day 2 and we are leaving to drive down to Manchester, TN,  home of the alternative music festival Bonnaroo today!  Not for Bonnaroo, per se, but because that’s where hubby is from.  Family reunion time again…


Monday Musings about Coming Home…

I’ve just gotten back from a short vacay in Virginia Beach and the older I get, the shorter the visits seem!  My only sister and her family live there as my brother-in-law is retired military.  I so wish our houses were closer but thank goodness the plane fare is not too bad nowadays.  The only downside is getting back to cooking, cleaning and real life!

Before we left well ahead of Hurricane Irma, we got to see one of my dear nieces and her hubby and two boys because they live close by.  Her sister is in northern Virginia and we only get to see her and her family about once a year or so.  It’s tough when family is spread around the country.

I’m sure many of you have the same situation as me.  I’ve got two sons and a stepson and family in Illinois, a stepdaughter and family in Tennessee and another stepdaughter and family in North Carolina.  My sis is in Virginia, my brothers are in the Chicago area, but already one nephew is married and settled in Wisconsin.

We’re planning a few vacations next year, one to Las Vegas for the over 21 crowd and my sis and her hubby and my hubby and I are taking a cruise from Boston to Canada next fall, just a week long getaway for the four of us.  Yes, it’s a lot of work and some expense, but it’s worth it to reconnect with each other.  We also do our Memorial Day weekend trip to Tennessee for hubby’s family reunion.

I must say, there are way more benefits than disadvantages to having such a big and wonderful family, including lots of great places to visit.  We love each and every one of you!

Descent, Part 3


“Surprise,” I hear someone yelling in the distance, but the words don’t register. I fall into my husband’s arms, sobbing with relief, clinging to him as if my life depends on it. I think it might.

“Honey, honey, why are you crying?” he’s asking me inanely, a concerned smile on his handsome face.  “You look beautiful.”  “Wh—what?” I’m still so confused I can hardly form words. I reach to touch his face, still not sure what is happening. I think I seriously might be in shock. “Jerry, I need some water,” I whisper. My mouth is so dry I can hardly speak.

“Oh, sure, babe, hang on a minute, we’ll go inside,” he says. How can he be so calm? I’ve just been kidnapped and he’s acting like we’re going to a party. I look around and notice a small group of people smiling and clapping. What the hell?  Jerry is gently pulling me along into the building and I’m pulling back against him. He turns and grasps my elbow with one hand, his other arm snaking around my waist. “Beth, what is it?” He’s sounding a little impatient with me and I look into his face, searching for answers.

“I’m not going with you until you tell me what’s going on.”  I’m adamant now.   Something feels wrong about this.  I dig in and refuse to budge from my spot on the sidewalk.  “Sweetheart, what’s the matter?  Come on, you don’t want to spoil things, right?”  He’s tugging me into the building now and I stumble along behind him, unable to stay put.  I realize why I have that eerie sense of déjà vu.  We’re at Bruschetta, my favorite Italian restaurant, and the faces of the crowd come into focus now.  There’s my mom and dad, my sister and her husband, four of our friends and Jerry’s two brothers and their girlfriends.  Again, what the hell?

“Surprise, surprise,” is echoing around us and I realize that this is a party and it’s for me.  “Happy birthday,” yells my sister as she comes toward me with an enormous cake.  My sister.  The one I just spent a week with in Virginia Beach before flying home.  For cripes sake, how long had I been passed out?  I turn to Jerry in confusion.  My birthday isn’t for three weeks yet.  “My birthday isn’t for three weeks yet,” I point out weakly.  “Well, you always say nothing surprises you and I wanted to prove you wrong,” he grins, pulling me into an enormous bear hug.

“So you drugged me and shoved me into a limo!?” I slap his arms away. “You ass!  I was scared witless, I thought I’d been kidnapped!”  My voice has risen and I know I’m causing a scene but at the moment, I could care less. “Are you insane, Jerry?  Get away from me, I mean it.”

(To be continued)