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Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…


More Monday Maui Musings…

More random pictures I took in Maui.  Some of the beautiful flowers and people, date palm tree, koi fish, sarong tying demonstration at the resort…

Milky Way Cake Recipe …



My 3 1/2 year old grandson, JP, sent me this adorable flower cupcake for my birthday today  ❤

We went to dinner last night for his daddy’s (oldest son’s) birthday and then back to our house for Milky Way cake, a recipe passed down from my mother-in-law that my boys always request for their birthdays or holidays.   It’s so good and birthday calories don’t count, right?

Here’s the recipe:

Milky Way Cake (makes 2 three layer cakes!)

8 regular size Milky Way bars

2 sticks butter

2 cups sugar

1 cup pecans (optional)

4 eggs

1/2 t. baking soda

1 ¼ cup buttermilk

2 cups all-purpose flour

Cream one stick butter and sugar and set aside. Melt one stick butter and candy bars in double boiler until candy is melted.  Beat eggs into sugar and butter one at a time.  Put baking soda in buttermilk, then add to melted candy bar mixture (take off of heat).  Add chocolate mixture to butter and sugar and beat, then add flour a little at a time and beat to combine.  Add nuts, chopped, if using.

Put into three round 8 inch pans, greased and floured, and bake at 325 degrees for 30 – 40 minutes.

(You will need to make this recipe twice for each recipe of frosting and to make two three-layer cake


2 ½ cups sugar

1 small can  (5 oz.) evaporated milk

1 stick butter

6 oz. chocolate chips

1 (7 oz.) jar marshmallow fluff

Cook sugar and milk over medium heat (until soft ball stage) about 4 minutes after it comes to a boil, stirring constantly. Add 1 stick butter, chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff, beat until smooth.  Cool until almost cold before frosting cakes.

The cakes freeze well, frosted or unfrosted, wrapped well in plastic wrap and then foil.

#atozchallenge, S is for Sweet Pea…


Did you know each month has a birth flower associated with it, just like each month has its own birthstone?   One of April’s flowers is the sweet pea, pictured above.  While sweet peas signify blissful pleasure, on the other hand they are also used to say good-bye.

But one good-bye aspect of the sweet pea is desirable, as their fragrance repels flies!

Sweet peas have been noted in history as far back as 17th century Italy when Franciscus Cupani, a Sicilian monk, sent sweet pea seeds to England.  Although the original sweet pea bore little resemblance to the flower we know today, when Harry Eckford, a Scottish nurseryman, crossbred the original flower, he created the colorful, sweetly scented sweet pea we now see.

Sweet peas come in many shades of pink, scarlet and lavender.

The other April flower, the daisy, conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity.  Yet, it is also a flower given between friends to keep a secret; the daisy means “I’ll never tell.”

Daisies are believed to date back about 4,000 years and the name derived from Day’s Eye, because of the way the flowers open and close with the sun.  Colorful blooming daisies are definitely associated with the arrival of spring.

Not an April baby?  Find all the birth month flowers and their meanings here.


~Diane D.                                                  Photo from almanac.com

(My A to Z challenge theme is birthdays.)

I Wanted to Surprise You

From my new friend, Alfred Smith, at Beyond Panic, a sweet poem about first love.  Is this adorable or what?

Beyond Panic

I wanted to surprise you

I’m hoping that I did

I had to steal these flowers

because I’m just a kid

You see I had no money

to buy them on my own

because it seems you only

earn money when you’re grown

But still I hope you like them

although I couldn’t pay,

because they mean I like you

and that I’m going away

I wanted to surprise you,

I’m hoping that I did.

I’ll be in jail an hour;

I have to do my bid

You see, the cops are coming

to put me in the jail,

but I’m returning for you,

so be here without fail.

They’re only gonna keep me,

and call my mom and dad.

I hope you like me too though,

‘cuz I’m not really bad.

I wanted to surprise you…

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