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Monday Musings about Dimples…


So many people in my family have dimples.  I mean, so many that we’ve taken pictures of all the “dimpled” kids in a group at holidays.   I have dimples that I’m sure you can see in my avatars.  I thought you were born with them.  I had always heard they were some sort of defect, albeit a cute one, in a facial muscle.  Now I’ve heard there could be an entirely different explanation.

Cryolipolysis is the scientific concept behind CoolSculpture, or freezing fat cells from your body.   The cold actually kills off fat cells without damaging your skin and your body then rids itself of the cells naturally.  And the process, which now has FDA approval, was discovered by doctors who noticed that children who ate a lot of popsicles growing up developed dimples because the cold had killed off fat cells in their cheeks!  Who knew?

So I’ve been thinking.  Why go through this cold sculpture business when I could probably just buy some inexpensive popsicles — or hey, maybe just a big bag of ice cubes — and rub them on my hips!


Monday Musings about Karma…


Okay, I admit I may have been feeling pretty smug what with making it through most of winter already without so much as catching a cold from JP!  I’ve been working out regularly and my doctors’ appointments last week had all gone well.

The first visit was with my internist and called a medicine recheck, sort of like a physical, only less, because my insurance won’t cover an annual physical.  They also don’t cover my flu shot, but don’t even get me started on that.  My doctor looked over my info on the screen and said she wanted me to have a few blood tests done.  “Stay well,” she proclaimed as she breezed out of the room.  Karma…

My mammogram was on Wednesday and all went well.  Thursday I stopped at the lab to have blood drawn and those results all came back great, too.

But apparently with all those visits to medical facilities where sick people go, I picked up a virus.  The freaking flu virus, even though I had my vaccine last fall.  Maybe my immune system is still lagging after chemo last year.  Or maybe the vaccine was just less than effective like they’ve been saying.  Who knows?  But I do know that if you get to the doctor quickly, they can give you Tamiflu, an antiviral, to shorten the course and lessen the effects of flu.

By Saturday morning I was at Urgent Care, where they confirmed I had the flu.  “My, you’ve been at a lot of doctor’s offices lately.  Probably where you picked it up.”  Karma…

They would prescribe Tamiflu and I would watch for any signs of complications like pneumonia.  But after checking for an interaction with my other meds, the doctor said, “I see you react to medications with red dye in them.  Sorry, can’t give you Tamiflu!”  Freaking karma…

But she did give me an antibiotic for my sinusitis and to help prevent other infections, stressed the need for rest and fluids and sent me on my way.  And hopefully I didn’t share my germs with anyone else.  Shh!  Karma!

(Just kidding about the list!)

Monday Musings About the Olympics…


I admit I get very excited about the Olympics, especially the winter ones.  I have no idea why.  I don’t love the cold and I’m not big into playing winter sports.  Not outside anyway.  I think I’m a closet adrenaline junkie!

I ice skated some as a child at a local outdoor area that the town fire department froze over when it was cold enough.  Wobbly ankles and fear of falling made my experience more like taking little mincing steps around the ice rather than gliding.  We went sledding with friends, but I only slid down sensible hills — you know, a gentle slope and gliding to a stop with no fear of hurting yourself.

Skiing was expensive and I only went a few times.  And in my area, there are no mountains, only little, probably manmade, hills.  Since I never really learned how to stop I would be apologizing the whole way after putting on the skis because invariably I’d run into someone or over their skis.  Then after reaching the bunny hill,  I’d just point the skis forward and usually stop by hitting the fence at the bottom, grabbing on to steady myself.

I’m obviously way more suited to wearing the cute clothes while having a drink in front of the fire!

But the idea of politics being put aside for a few weeks and countries coming together in the spirit of the Games (Vice President Pence, are you listening?) while the world enjoys watching the best of the best graceful, tenacious and talented young athletes in the world still thrills me!

Sorry about the meme from Facebook, but I find it funny in a scary sort of way…  Like clowns…

Monday Musings on A New Year…

My New Year’s Eve hair, still crazy after all this year:

I’m feeling very optimistic lately.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s for a variety of reasons. I’ve given it some thought, because I haven’t always been a really upbeat person.  I can have a somewhat sarcastic, self-deprecating view of life.  In fact, many people in my family use humor as a defense mechanism.

But last year on January 1 I was bald  (pretty much everywhere), I had a sinus infection and one more chemo treatment to face.  We had a big trip planned with three of our children for hubby’s birthday at the end of January and if they couldn’t/wouldn’t do my treatment the first week of the year because of infection, it might have pushed everything back.  And, tired as I was, I didn’t want to ruin all the plans we’d made and miss the trip.  It all worked out.  I got on the plane with my fake boob and my fake hair and it was fine.  More than fine, really.

This year I feel pretty great.  I’m not bald anymore and I got through the holidays.  I had a wonderful time.   I’m grateful to have my energy back and be able to do whatever I want.  I’m mostly just grateful to be cancer free and alive.  Does that sound overly dramatic?  Maybe…

Yes, I know our country is in a mess and my state in particular (Illinois) has more than its share of problems.  It’s winter and for my neck of the woods that means cold and snow.  Today our expected high temperature was three.  Yes, three degrees F. with wind chills that make it feel like minus 20 degrees.

But looking ahead is still exciting to me.  2018 brings another 365 chances to live life to the fullest, make a difference, make some changes.  I don’t have any really lofty goals.  I want to remain positive, roll with whatever life throws my way and be grateful I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, enough food to eat and more opportunities available to me than so many people in this world.  I want to keep exercising, use my creativity and volunteer some of my time.  And I think I have my bout with breast cancer to thank for that perspective.

I guess dealing with a serious disease will do that to you.  As will living more years than I want to admit!  I’ve learned that sometimes bad things happen.  Sometimes they seem worse the more we dwell on them.  I’ve learned that when I look around, there is always someone carrying a heavier load than mine and that always makes my problems easier to bear.

And I will always have hope that things will get better.  Life is good.  Happy New Year, my friends!

Monday Musings on Christmas…

If you celebrate Christmas, do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  We’ve always done our big celebration on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is sometimes eating out or going to the movies or just relaxing at home and enjoying family.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my dear friends and family!