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Monday Musings on Tuesday about Makeup…arrgh!

Here’s me after first cataract surgery wearing my pirate shield at night for three nights to protect my eye. Day following surgery I tested 20/30 in right eye and it may even improve so I’m already thrilled!

Surgery was simple, longest part was nurses sloshing drops in my eye beforehand for more than an hour. Oral sedation only, so it’s just relaxing. Was worried I’d see a scalpel coming towards my eye, but all I saw were blue, purple and white lights.

I can see fairly well for everything already but second eye will be done on September 6. Right lens corrects for distance and astigmatism, called a Toric lens. Left lens will correct for reading and will also be a Toric, so hopefully I will no longer need glasses.

I will, however, need tons of makeup as you can tell from my makeup free picture above. I’m frightening myself ever time I look in the mirror! It was easier to ignore the imperfections when I couldn’t see as well, lol!

Going without mascara for a month or so is one of the most difficult parts of this whole process, but I’m too afraid to take a chance on ruining things so I’m making myself wait 😞


Monday Musings about Medical Procedures…

I’m apparently falling apart physically, bit by bit. To go one year without some sort of medical procedure is still a pipe dream for me!

Within the last five years I went from hearing my eye doctor say you have the start of cataracts, let’s keep an eye on them, to I have good news and bad news — Your vision has gotten so much worse, but it’s only because you have cataracts! Yes, he’s a very funny, cheerful guy.

I suggested they might be genetic because my sister, mom and dad all had cataract surgery and he said, sure, let’s go with that😂. The other possibility is that I’m simply getting closer to that magic age, so, yay!

But the final straw came a few weeks ago when I slipped on dark wood stairs at my friends’ house and realized when I looked down I just didn’t see the stair. I’m still getting over the aches and pains from that mishap…

So, as a public service before I hurt myself again or injure someone else, I’m having the surgery this Friday on my right eye and in two weeks on my left. If I’m absent for a bit again, that’s all it is and I’ll be back soon, new and improved once again!

This morning I’m off to have some test for astigmatism to see if they can use Toric implants to correct it. Wish me luck!

Monday Musings on Tuesday about Reptiles…

I did spend Saturday afternoon at a reptile show held at the golf club where DDIL works.  Not totally wild about snakes and lizards and stuff, but it was a pretty fascinating presentation and the guy did a great job of presenting scientific facts interspersed with fun things for the kiddos!

We saw an iguana, another lizard named Pancake, three pythons including a giant albino one named Sunny, a tortoise, alligator and bullfrog.  I elected not to hold anything but I did pet them all.  It was pretty much like touching purses!  Do I know how to spend my weekends or what?!


Monday Musings about July…


Happy July!  Hard to believe half of the year is gone already.  I feel as though I’m still struggling to find my balance after the several life changes I’ve gone through lately.  I won’t revisit everything that’s happened, but suffice it to say I’m not back to normal emotionally — haven’t even found a new normal yet!

But, you know, it’s not like every day is terrible.  I have a lot of really good days and an occasional bad one.  On the whole, I think I’m coping as well as can be expected.  I’m just not sure what to do with myself.  I don’t mean today or tomorrow, I mean long term.  Like dealing with all this stuff that comprises living, only with no spouse, no pets, no job and no home of my own…

One of my dear friends suggested that I consider this month a new beginning just for me and create a bucket list of things to make myself happy.  I’ve never really had a bucket list.  Do you have one?  I’m not sure what to put on a bucket list.  I’ve had some great jobs and travelled to some wonderful palaces over the years.  I’ve spent a long time being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom and even a grandma.  I’m not sure I ever knew how to be just me.

But I want to try to begin a new chapter.  And I’ll let you know how this next part of my life goes.  Maybe we can figure it out together.

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

What a disappointment  😉