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Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

Whoops 😬

Bye, Bye, Birdie…

We had a sweet robin couple build a nest right on our window sill and were able to watch the whole fascinating birthing process up close!

Pictures are a little hampered by the window screen but it was impossible to get close from outside.

We got to see the whole process up close, from building the nest to mama sitting on the eggs and also on the tiny downy babies! We saw mama and daddy bird fly up with worms to gracefully shove down the babies’ throats. And in true baby fashion, the little birds were either slumped against the nest, sound asleep, or waiting with beaks open for their next meal!

Then suddenly one day they were stretching their wings and just flew away. We are feeling a little cheated that our robin family never came by one last time to say farewell. But I’m sure, like all children, we will see them again if they ever need anything😉

Me and JP, Observing Kindness…



I’m participating in the 2016 Kindness Challenge hosted by Niki over at The Richness of a Simple Life.  For Week Two, we were focused on observing kindness around us.  I’ve found that no one really seems to understand innate kindness like small children.  They are so quick to accept others, share things, say hello, wave, hug goodbye, and play together easily.

About a month ago a couple of my friends who babysit their grandchildren and I decided it might be fun to get the kids, JP, who is  3 1/2, and Ella and Elizabeth, who are both four, together to play while we grandmas visited and didn’t have to entertain them for a few hours.  It was a downright brilliant and inspired idea!

The girls go to two different preschools part-time and my grandson JP will be starting late this summer, so with their schedules and ours, Tuesday afternoons were the time that worked the best for all.  And, thus, the Grandmas Playgroup was born.

We meet at one of our children’s houses because that’s where the toys are.  And because one of the girls has a baby brother, we’ve been meeting at their house so he can have an afternoon nap in his own crib.  The kids had met a few times in the last year or so but not to play in a group.  We weren’t sure if it would work out because three can be a tough number sometimes…

So far it’s been wonderful fun.  The children are just so accepting of each other and play together so nicely.  They share toys, offer each other snacks and help each other with dressing up.  One week I’d gone upstairs to check on them and Ella was helping JP put his Ninja Turtle shell on.  So cute.  And so kind!


The first week dress up together…Elsa (from Frozen), Cedric (from Sophia the  First) and a Fairy Princess

And this past week we had a few friends ask to join us, because obviously, Grandmas Playgroup is the place to be!  And word had spread that we had such a good time — we’re ladies who lunch minus the lunch and plus the grandkids!  We bring fruit snacks or grapes or juice boxes for the kids and one friend makes delectable treats each week, along with a pot of tea.

Most of the time the kiddos run upstairs to dress up or play in the pretend kitchen in the playroom or downstairs in the family room while we visit in the real kitchen.

Has it been totally perfect?  Well, there have been the occasional incidents, like jumping on the bed with someone hitting his head on the side table when he fell off…  And when the play tent collapsed, which was no big deal, they all raced downstairs to tell us, claiming it was everybody’s fault!

After the jumping on the bed incident two weeks ago, JP and I had a talk on the way to Playgroup last week:

Me:  What’s something we shouldn’t do when we’re at Elizabeth’s house?

JP:  No spitting.

Me:  Well, yes, that’s a good one.  What about no what on the bed?

JP:  Oh, yeah, no jumping on the bed.  And no hitting.  No hitting the girls with my Ninja Turtle scythes because if I do, mama said she will take them away and throw them in the garbage!

Me:  Okay, then…



The weekly goodbye hug…

And on the drive home after Playgroup:

Me:  Justin, did you have a good time playing with your friends today?

JP:  Yep.  Nana, did you have a good time playing with your friends?

Me:  You know, I really, really did!

And then we sing along with his favorite Taylor Swift song on the radio…

~ Diane D.

Monday Musings…



Dinosaurs on a dishtowel, after swimming in the kitchen sink…

That’s just one thing I’m going to miss now that oldest son and daughter-in-law have moved out, taking my little JP and Tank, the English Bulldog, with them.

I’ll also miss saying goodnight every evening…

Sitting down to big meals together…

Just hanging out on the weekends…

A 3-year-old running naked through the hallway after bath time…

Snuggles with JP on the couch before bedtime…

Slobbery bulldog kisses and butt wiggles (no tail to wag!)

And the chance to relive that wonderful time when your children still live at home…

But they need their own space and so do we.  Their wonderful new home was finally ready and its only a 15 minute drive away so it’s not like we won’t see them often.   I’ll still babysit twice a week.  And even though I’ll be sad for awhile, I wouldn’t have missed our time together for the world!


I Wanted to Surprise You

From my new friend, Alfred Smith, at Beyond Panic, a sweet poem about first love.  Is this adorable or what?

Beyond Panic

I wanted to surprise you

I’m hoping that I did

I had to steal these flowers

because I’m just a kid

You see I had no money

to buy them on my own

because it seems you only

earn money when you’re grown

But still I hope you like them

although I couldn’t pay,

because they mean I like you

and that I’m going away

I wanted to surprise you,

I’m hoping that I did.

I’ll be in jail an hour;

I have to do my bid

You see, the cops are coming

to put me in the jail,

but I’m returning for you,

so be here without fail.

They’re only gonna keep me,

and call my mom and dad.

I hope you like me too though,

‘cuz I’m not really bad.

I wanted to surprise you…

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