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Wish You Were Here…

Instead of me!  I’m home in IL from Hawaii, just in time for THIS!  At least hardly anybody is going anywhere today and I have groceries in the house.

The picture on the left is my front yard and you can see how much snow is on the bench.  The other picture is the hot tub and that’s the grill on the left.

My poor old dog followed me out while I was trying to shovel him a path cause we have about 9 inches of snow and expecting more all weekend.  He, of course, had to be first and plunged into the snow that was up to his tummy and just stood in one spot until I shoveled him out!


Kicking Back in Kauai…

Some pictures of the coast near our resort in Princeville, Kauai.  There are lots of cliffs around us, and our resort doesn’t have a beach because it’s at the top of the cliffs.  The pools are gorgeous, though.  Four for grown ups, one for keikei (children) and hot tubs.  Tomorrow we move to a different resort near Lihue so I’ll share more later.

Irish Soda Bread…

When I saw Dr. Meg Sorick’s post this morning about baking Irish Soda Bread and realized I actually had all the ingredients, including buttermilk, I had to try it.  Because it uses baking soda, there’s no rising involved and because my Kitchen Aid mixer sits on my countertop, I didn’t even have to try to lift anything.  In the time it took the oven to heat, I had mixed the dough and shaped it into two smaller rounds, ready to bake.

Why did I have buttermilk?  Because I had watched an episode of Bobby Flay’s Brunch on Food Network that used buttermilk and was going to try a recipe from there.  Did I try one, you ask?  Well, no, I never did…

Anyhow, thirty-five minutes later, we had warm bread for breakfast.  As Meg says, it is delightful with butter and honey.  If I’d had raisins, I probably would have added them, but it was awfully good the way it was.  Believe me, if I can bake this, anybody can.  You only need flour, salt, baking soda, buttermilk (or milk you sour with vinegar or lemon juice) and a little sugar.  You can find the recipe at Meg’s site, along with some great fiction and poetry!

The picture is my own…

Cardinals, Hawaii Style

My coffee companion on the patio one early morning in Maui, a very brave (read pushy) red-crested cardinal.  As you can see, I feared for my Starbucks!

This species of bird is actually a songbird (Paroaria coronata), part of the family of tanagers and is native to parts of South America and now found in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.   Despite the name, it’s not really related to true cardinals found in North America.  But he’s very cute, isn’t he?

My DDIL took the photo and my info is from Wikipedia.

Lunch with Rashmi…

I had the pleasure of an out of town ladies lunch last week while on vacation in Virginia.  Rashmi from Mind and Life Matters lives in northern Virginia and has a wonderful blog where she shares her stories — and hosts the weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge.  My family had flown into Virginia Beach to visit with my sister and her family.  And Rashmi and I decided the chance to meet in person was too good of an opportunity to waste!

20160709_133203Since I didn’t have a car there, my sis drove me up to Richmond and Rashmi drove down to meet us at Baker’s Crust, a cute little eatery.

It was so good to finally meet and we made sure it was a working lunch by discussing blogging ideas so that we could deduct our mileage!  (Unless, of course, that’s not legal, in which case we wouldn’t dream of it :D)

If you’d be interested in meeting up with other bloggers in person, in the U.S., plans are being made right now for 2017.  You can find information at A Joyful Process .