Echoes of My Neighbourhood…



I feel a little pretentious spelling neighbourhood with a “u” but this post is in response to the elegant Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha’s Thursday photo challenge and that’s how she spells it, so I didn’t want to change it.

My picture this week is the entrance to a mall near my house that is lined with beautiful lighted trees, usually just at Christmas, but this year they are still lit in January.

We were over by the Promenade having dinner one night recently and I’m sure I said to hubby, “Please, sweetheart, drive slowly by the main entrance on the way home so I can take a picture of the beautiful trees.”

He, of course, thought I said, “Drive like a bat out of hell past those trees,” so this is the interesting picture I got!

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  1. Offer a man a sandwich and he takes a banquet.

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    1. Isn’t that the truth! He thought he was driving slow, lol!

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    2. Yup I like this saying 😊.

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  2. I was impressed! I thought it looked pretty cool!

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    1. Why, thank you! I have no idea why it looks like that, though, 🙂

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  3. In drive language, I don’t think slow exists for men 😄😄. Next time, say sweetheart , stop. I love lit tree’s. There are loads of them here all year round and not for any particular reason, but just to bling up the place. Thank you Diane for participating, your comment about feeling pretentious with the ‘u’ makes me smile. What’s a u between friends 😊besides , you write American and I write British. A lovely pair.

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    1. Exactly. Hubby thinks it’s dangerous to drive slowly! Wish I had an elegant British accent. We in the Midwest like to think we don’t have an accent, but I’m sure we do to everyone else! I think diversity is what makes things fun!

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      1. Diversity and variety is the beauty of life 🙂

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  4. Lol! I like the look it gave. Quite nice!

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    1. Thank you. I don’t even know why it looks that way, but I love the lights

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      1. It looks fine to me. The lights look great!

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  5. I have to say maybe his quick drive past made this photo even more beautiful!

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    1. It’s interesting. Not sure why it looks like that 🙂

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  6. Very interesting. I like it.

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