Love in their first apartment…

I am pulling something from my archives to repost and if you haven’t already read it, I hope you enjoy! (If you have already seen it, maybe you could just pretend to like it again?) 🙂


I’m toying with writing some fiction and hey, I’ve known you all of five months now, so I’m feeling more comfortable trying this out and I’d appreciate any and all comments — I love it when you’re all so supportive, but helpful criticism is appreciated, too! 

cf9f0926690019d7634d4a7087703b8f Our First Apartment!

The upstairs of the rentable suburban two-flat was small.  There was just one big bedroom, a kitchen, living room and what you might call a front parlor.  The one bathroom was tiny and had incredibly crazy jungle print wallpaper.  She stared at it, then turned to him with wide eyes.  He pulled her close, rocking her gently in his arms.  “Baby, it’s not so bad, is it?” he asked quietly.  She moved a little in his arms but didn’t answer and his heart dropped.  It was the best place they’d seen, and they really couldn’t afford much else.  He hated that she was upset.


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  1. Beautiful re-post!!
    ❤ Dajena

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    1. Aww, thank you, mostly autobiographical, too, for my mushy May!

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      1. Love your mushiness Diane 😀


  2. What a sweet story. The end had me smiling. If it is autobiographical then I am happy for the love you have found! Also, I totally get how buying a refrigerator makes you feel grown-up!

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    1. Thanks, Hon! It was the most money I’d ever spent at one time! How’s your mom doing?

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      1. She’s doing alright, thanks for asking! It was a beautiful day today so she got to spend a lot of time outside and she loves that 🙂

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      2. I’m glad! You sound like a wonderful daughter!

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      3. Well thank you for saying so 😊

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  3. What a beautiful story!

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    1. thanks, Paula, I’m glad you liked it!

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  4. […] My five questions to answer: What is your dream job?  Naming the nail polishes for OPI.  Or being a published novelist. If money were no object, where would you live??  Hawaii.  Would you work??  Only at getting a tan! What is your favorite kind of animal???  Dogs.  Do you have any animals??  Two sweet old dogs East Coast or West Coast??  I like both, have spent more time on the East Coast What is your favorite food of all time???  Crabcakes Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup ???  I cannot bring myself to care after the Chicago Blackhawks were eliminated 😦 Rule 9: Add a link to my best post.  This is the first fiction piece I posted. […]


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