The Chicago Auto Show…

2020 Corvette
Chicago Bears Ford truck — Trubisky or Foles?? That is the question!

We went to the Chicago Auto Show on a Sunday in February BC (before Coronavirus) and it was a crazy, crowded, busy day where we got in about 6,000 steps! I know because my phone was tracking.

I was actually looking to replace my 11 year old SUV and even though I still love my SRX, it was really bigger than I need anymore. So I wanted to look at what was out there without going to a bunch of dealerships.

There were tons of fun vehicles to look at and a bunch of fun people, too. They had the new totally cool Corvette and a bunch of sport themed vehicles. Lots of food and snacks. Seems like it was years ago rather than a month! But found all these photos on my phone and thought I’d share.

Chicago White Sox — remember baseball?
Chicago Cubs — remember when they won the World Series 😉
My favorite shirt! He said I could take his picture…

And what I ended up buying after all that fun looking around? A cute little bronze colored Buick Encore GX. We’ve decided she’s one of the Spice Girls. Maybe Cinnamon?

As my brother pointed out, the car is nice but the sales guy looks a little shady!

5 responses

  1. There are some true beauties there. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Looks like you had a good time. At the very least you were entertained
    by some amazing vehicles.

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    1. It was fun and lots of great exercise!


  2. Thanks for the virtual field trip! It was fun!! I was hoping you were going to walk away with that Corvette!!! I personally liked the lighter blue car. (Forgive me for not knowing what it is. Unless it is a Volkswagen bug or a Ford Thunderbird, I can’t identify car models.) Your new car is beautiful; I like both the color and the “salesman.” Enjoy–after this Corona mess is all over.😉

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  3. We have some friends who own two Encores – his and hers – they love them. I like the color you chose!

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    1. Oh, that’s good to hear. So far it’s been a great little car. The color is growing on me 😉

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