More Monday Musings, David and Iman…


I would be lying if I said I was a huge fan of David Bowie’s music; it just wasn’t my taste, I guess.

I was, however, fascinated by his changing looks and his second marriage to supermodel Iman. What an incredibly striking couple they made. And I really liked the work he did over the years in support of many children’s charities and, of course, Live Aid.

Like the rest of the world, I was stunned to hear he had been ill for several months and passed away yesterday.   As I get older, the thought of someone dying at age 69 seems far too young… Maybe when you pack so much living into those years, and burn as brightly as David Bowie did, your time on Earth is used up more quickly.  My condolences to his lovely wife and children.

Photo credit:  Pinterest


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  1. I was stunned also. I think I tend to put the entertainers of my generation into the category of “forever young”. Great picture.

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    1. Thanks! I know, older people seem younger all the time to me now 🙂

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  2. Nothing like style to make one eternally young?
    We’ll miss one who was brave enough to reinvent himself constantly. Now that’s living.

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  3. I think it was a surprise to most…


  4. It was a huge rude shock. Some people shine like a constellation of an entire galaxy that it’s almost hard to associate death with their names.

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  5. He was too young to leave us. Like his music or not, I am certain that he will leave his mark in heaven just like he did on earth.

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  6. So surprised! He just put out another album. On his death bed! That’s just…WOW!

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  7. An amazing entertainer. He will be missed.


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