It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

So I’m going to be bringing out all the romance novel reviews I have coming up because, hey, it’s the sweetest time of the year!

I’m also looking for some wonderfully romantic music and poetry and photos to post, write or reblog.  So please let me know if you have something to share or send me to someone else’s blog.  I think a little love is just what we need to warm up these frigid temperatures!  And if it’s not freezing where you are, well, let’s just pretend, okay?

The best music for some romance, IMHO?  Forever in Love by Kenny G, the hauntingly beautiful instrumental that won a Grammy in 1994.  It just makes me melt!  Other people, too, I guess, cause it reached #47 on the UK singles chart and #1 on the US adult contemporary chart.

What’s your favorite song to slow dance to, or, ahem, snuggle?


8 responses

  1. The wife and I always kid each other about what our mutual favorite song is to “ahem” snuggle with. We have a bunch…so while I can’t pin one down I will work on sending over a post from back in the day that should help the cause to spread warmth!

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  2. David Bowie’s laughing gnome. Because we fall about laughing and all other thoughts are gone. Laughter is the best aphrodisiac. 😇

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  3. Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird! That’s “our song” — just Christine McVie and her piano.

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  4. Jazz like Kenny G? Cause he’s my favorite!


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