Monday Musings on Tuesday about Reptiles…

I did spend Saturday afternoon at a reptile show held at the golf club where DDIL works.  Not totally wild about snakes and lizards and stuff, but it was a pretty fascinating presentation and the guy did a great job of presenting scientific facts interspersed with fun things for the kiddos!

We saw an iguana, another lizard named Pancake, three pythons including a giant albino one named Sunny, a tortoise, alligator and bullfrog.  I elected not to hold anything but I did pet them all.  It was pretty much like touching purses!  Do I know how to spend my weekends or what?!


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  1. It always amazes me how buttery soft snakes feel. Not like one expect at all. Still not a fan though. 😃

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    1. Me neither tho the guy was very clear about how they keep the rat population down and how rats spread disease and all. Don’t love them either!

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      1. Good point. And, we have plenty of snakes around here. I never kill any, unless venomous, because they help us keep the mice at bay. If you go up in our attic, there are bunches of sloughed skins around. I just let ‘em do their thang. I will say though, the times they’ve showed up in our kitchen we’re a bit disconcerting. Just eat snakes and cow snakes though, so, unless one is a rodent, they’re fairly harmless. 😃

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      2. In the house would freak me out! I haven’t seen any in the wild here but I’m sure there are in the woods

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      3. Oh, they’re out there, I promise that. 😃

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  2. Sounds like fun, Dee. I don’t know, but if I had them as pets, I’d rename pancake to handbag, or maybe Gucci. 😉

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    1. Ooh, Gucci would have been nice!

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  3. You are a much braver woman than I am! I wouldn’t touch them lol looks like a fun weekend!

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  4. I hope they counted them all before you left!

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    1. Lol, no chance anything went home with me!!


  5. At least you remember their names!

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    1. Some of them I did! They all had cute ones!

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  6. Interesting! I’m not a fan either… we had copperheads at the house in Bucks County. We would fish baby ones out of the pool occasionally. Not cool! But they do serve an important purpose. Just so they keep their distance! 😃

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