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Monday Musings about Family Time…

Yesterday we decided to do family game time — okay, I admit I pushed them into it, but we need distractions now! JP’s fave is Family Feud even though he’s only seven…

All was going well and we were laughing a lot, and then this question came up!

Q: What would you talk about more with your dad than your mom?

(I’m thinking sports, cars, girls, tools, building things…)

A: JP says, “How to steal money from your mom?”

(We have no idea where that came from! But guess it’s good he’d discuss it with his dad first 😂)

Monday Musings about Nothing in Particular…

Getting in just under the wire my time, here’s a fun winter project to keep the kiddos giggling — or just for you! Save the photo and then go into edit and mark up and give the snowman a face!

Here’s my attempt with eyes closed. He looks like he’s planning a fun holiday, I think!😉🙃😉

Monday Musings about Veteran’s Day…

A heartfelt thank you to all veterans who have served to keep us safe…

I have a lot of military relatives and without getting all political, I must admit I’m very, very proud of them all!

My husband…

My dad…

My brother-in-law…

My father-in-law was in the Navy as was one of my uncles. To them and all veterans today and always, thank you for your service!

Monday Musings about Youngest…

I know I’ve talked about my youngest son before in some detail but not too much lately. He was only 31 when his dad passed away last year and he is also special needs.

Dave works out with a trainer at the park district three times a week, but he’s needing more to occupy his time. He started a therapeutic riding program a few weeks ago and loved it from the start. He has rarely been as excited about anything before (unless it involved a Chicago sports team😉). I really wasn’t sure when he got up close if he’d get on the horse, but he did and he’s never looked back!

The first night they used a western saddle, then an English saddle to challenge him more and the third week he rode with just a blanket. His horse’s name is Dakota and Dave told me he couldn’t believe how warm the horse was. He’s fed him carrots and apples even though he was a little leery of Dakota’s teeth!

Equine therapy helps with core strength and is a wonderful gait training exercise. It also involves lots of bending and reaching on horseback which helps with flexibility and balance.

Most importantly is a developing relationship with Dakota in an activity that is youngest’s alone, as no one else in the family rides. It may even evolve into a volunteer position down the road. So excited about the possibilities!

Monday Musings on Tuesday about Makeup…arrgh!

Here’s me after first cataract surgery wearing my pirate shield at night for three nights to protect my eye. Day following surgery I tested 20/30 in right eye and it may even improve so I’m already thrilled!

Surgery was simple, longest part was nurses sloshing drops in my eye beforehand for more than an hour. Oral sedation only, so it’s just relaxing. Was worried I’d see a scalpel coming towards my eye, but all I saw were blue, purple and white lights.

I can see fairly well for everything already but second eye will be done on September 6. Right lens corrects for distance and astigmatism, called a Toric lens. Left lens will correct for reading and will also be a Toric, so hopefully I will no longer need glasses.

I will, however, need tons of makeup as you can tell from my makeup free picture above. I’m frightening myself ever time I look in the mirror! It was easier to ignore the imperfections when I couldn’t see as well, lol!

Going without mascara for a month or so is one of the most difficult parts of this whole process, but I’m too afraid to take a chance on ruining things so I’m making myself wait 😞