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Monday Musings…

Maybe there’s a pill for that?

Happy December 6…

Just kidding, Santa!

Monday Musings About a Blogging Anniversary…

No way!

I just got notified that I signed up with WordPress FIVE years ago! I really cannot believe it’s been that long.

When I first started this blog, I was going to review books and just wait for people to find me. (Hence the name). Eventually I branched out into writing fiction and then shared stories about my family and life. You’ve all been so sweet and supportive, my virtual family who’ve patiently stayed with me through all the good times and bad, travels, health issues and even my husband’s unexpected passing 18 months ago.

I found that reading other blogs and commenting was as much fun as writing my own and made some wonderful new friends. Especially now in these crazy, crazy times, talking to people around the world about a myriad of issues has been an interesting and exciting diversion.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on my writing journey all these years. And many, many thanks to those who’ve started following recently!

Monday Musings about Moving…

Living amidst chaos…
And tons of unpacked boxes in my sunroom!

But the stove and microwave are in place and working so we don’t have to get take out for all our meals anymore. And we have our coffeemaker and the turquoise bowl for popcorn, so we’re pretty well set!

We haven’t found the silverware and dishes yet, so we are washing plastic silverware to reuse. My sweet David said to me tonight, “But we can throw the paper plates away, right?” Lol, yes we can!

When I start to worry about the huge job in front of me I remind myself how far I’ve come in the last 18 months. We will be just fine! Stay healthy and safe, everyone..,

Monday Musings about Erkenci Kus…

If you need something new and fun to focus on amidst all the horrible craziness lately, check out the Turkish show Erkenci Kus. I don’t speak Turkish, although it fascinates me and I wish I did, so I watch the show on Facebook by following EK Candem, a site that has all the episodes of the show with English subtitles. There are many versions on YouTube but they can be blocked depending on where you live. I do like to keep the sound up to hear the emotion in the voices and I think I’m picking up a few Turkish words!

It’s a wonderfully nutty story about life in and around an advertising agency in Istanbul and surrounding neighborhoods. The main character is Sanem Aydin, an inexperienced, naive girl from a very traditional Turkish family who takes a job at the ad agency as a “bring-take” person — I think in America we would call that position a go-fer. The oldest son of the agency founder, super sexy world famous photographer Can (Pronounced Dzhan) Divit, returns to Turkey to head the agency in his father’s absence.

The chemistry between Can and Sanem is off the charts, the acting is fabulous, the clothing and jewelry are incredible. There’s drama, comedy, romance, corporate intrigue, adventure, silliness and gorgeous scenery!

The show aired in Turkey in 2018 and 2019 and starred Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, both internationally known Turkish stars, although apparently he is Albanian and she is Bulgarian. I don’t know if those things matter, but people write about it, so maybe so. Either way, they are both gorgeous and fun to watch, especially together.

Before you get hooked on this series like I am, I must warn you that each episode is a little over two hours long — no commercials — and there are 51 — yes, I said 51 — episodes! I am currently on Episode 16.

Sometimes — well, maybe every night — I stay up too late watching because I literally HAVE to know what happens next! It’s pure escapism and perfect for what’s happening right now…