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Monday Musings on Tuesday about Makeup…arrgh!

Here’s me after first cataract surgery wearing my pirate shield at night for three nights to protect my eye. Day following surgery I tested 20/30 in right eye and it may even improve so I’m already thrilled!

Surgery was simple, longest part was nurses sloshing drops in my eye beforehand for more than an hour. Oral sedation only, so it’s just relaxing. Was worried I’d see a scalpel coming towards my eye, but all I saw were blue, purple and white lights.

I can see fairly well for everything already but second eye will be done on September 6. Right lens corrects for distance and astigmatism, called a Toric lens. Left lens will correct for reading and will also be a Toric, so hopefully I will no longer need glasses.

I will, however, need tons of makeup as you can tell from my makeup free picture above. I’m frightening myself ever time I look in the mirror! It was easier to ignore the imperfections when I couldn’t see as well, lol!

Going without mascara for a month or so is one of the most difficult parts of this whole process, but I’m too afraid to take a chance on ruining things so I’m making myself wait 😞


Monday Musings on Tuesday about Reptiles…

I did spend Saturday afternoon at a reptile show held at the golf club where DDIL works.  Not totally wild about snakes and lizards and stuff, but it was a pretty fascinating presentation and the guy did a great job of presenting scientific facts interspersed with fun things for the kiddos!

We saw an iguana, another lizard named Pancake, three pythons including a giant albino one named Sunny, a tortoise, alligator and bullfrog.  I elected not to hold anything but I did pet them all.  It was pretty much like touching purses!  Do I know how to spend my weekends or what?!


Monday Musings…


love heart romantic romance

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Slowly I’m getting back to writing.  I hope you like this first shaky attempt…


That place where my heart dwelled
Has been raw and empty
A wound leaking life’s blood
Since the moment you left me…

Why keep drawing breath
Day after night after day
Searching for a semblance of reason
When faced with your untimely death

Grasping at thoughts while the mind reels
Holding close pieces of me that threaten to shatter
Searching for hope to let in the light
That every tortured breath steals

From my fractured heart to a sadder place
Where darkness reigns and mourning is king
No more attempts to bargain with a higher power
I accept our fate with reluctant grace

Deep in my soul I yearn to know again
The wonder of love in your glance
Will I ever move beyond the pain
And allow life another chance…

Weeks become months of their own accord
The sun rises and sets, oblivious to my despair
Then one day with dry eyes I awaken
To find I’m battered but still unbroken

Monday Musings about Cruising…


I’m back from Canada, eh, and here’s just a quick overview of why I like cruising!

  1. Spent more than a week with hubby, my sis and brother in law living next door to each other  (we live several states apart)
  2. Wonderful food choices made it easy to eat well and indulge just a little.  And no planning, cooking or clean up…
  3. Only had to take Dramamine for a few days this time…
  4. Walked literally miles everyday (not to mention the stairs)
  5. Great entertainment all in one place.  A show every night — great music, magic, acrobats and comedy, plus musicians in the common atrium areas…
  6. An incredibly small, efficient storage system for clothes and personal effects in your stateroom…
  7. A free upgrade to a stateroom on a higher floor with an obstructed ocean view (that means a lifeboat is partially in front of your window) but, hey, some people pay for that view!
  8. A special drink of the day and wine with dinner (not included in the price, but still)…
  9. Visiting six cities without packing up and changing hotels every few days…
  10. A towel animal on your bed each night — that’s a bulldog!


I’ll give you the flip side later!

Monday Musings on Tuesday…

I’m sorry I haven’t been around too much lately.  I’ve got a new toy that I’ve been playing with and it’s been so much fun.  NO, not THAT kind of toy, this kind😂


Yep, I bought an Instant Pot, like this one, on Amazon Prime day for the amazing price of $58.99 US dollars.  If you’re not familiar with this new appliance for the kitchen, it’s mostly an electric pressure cooker that has a stainless steel inner pot that you can saute in, slow cook in, make yogurt, cook rice and even make cheesecake, my favorite.  I only had to buy a 7 inch springform pan to make the cheesecake in and that was about $10 at Amazon.

So, you know I don’t really like to cook that much.  But I’ve already made Italian Sausage and Tortellini soup, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, Tuscan chicken pasta and two cheesecakes in this thing.

Yes, you still have to chop the vegetables and saute the sausage or chicken before you add the other ingredients.  But when it goes into the pot, you turn on pressure cook and it comes up to pressure and cooks for the time you set and you don’t have to stir or watch or do a thing.  The macaroni and cheese literally cooked in four minutes —

Apparently you can get labels like the one pictured that I found on Facebook.  Anything to make cooking more fun!