Monday Musings about Mack…


This song always makes me wish I’d been in Las Vegas during the old glamour days.  You know, when the Rat Pack and young upstarts like the late, great Bobby Darin were performing.  But I’m on my way there tomorrow for a grown up family reunion with my side of the family.   If I hit it big, I’ll leave your ticket at the airport!

See you next week, one way or the other…

8 responses

  1. Have fun! Of course, in Vegas, it’s hard not to. I like the idea of a reunion there! 😃


  2. Enjoy. Wishing you safe travels.


  3. Remember, it’s just money…so spend away!


  4. Have a great time, Dee! 💖


  5. Sounds like a great time! I’ll keep my eyes open for my ticket. Win Big!


  6. My bags are packed……..Enjoy the reunion!


  7. Have fun in Vegas!

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  8. Safe travels. Have a great time!!! Win big!! ❤️


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