For Better or Worse

I love Martha’s thoughts on being married!

Martha Reynolds Writes


Oh, those pesky vows. How they can interfere with one’s selfish pursuits.

Shortly before I married my husband, 22 years ago next month, one of my former co-workers stood in front of me. She was middle-aged and divorced. Giving me a smirky smile, she said, ‘Oh, you think he’s so perfect now. Check back in ten years when the magic’s worn off. Believe me, it disappears.’

Thanks for that, I replied. And I’m sorry your marriage didn’t last, but bestowing your bitterness on me didn’t work. I reflected on that exchange this week as I’ve been thinking about marriage. Commitment. Vows.

Jim and I met up with a couple from New York earlier this week. Sometimes we only see them once a year, but it’s always enjoyable. They’ve been married for longer then we have. They’re two pieces of a puzzle, they’re just both.

Then there’s the woman who, after…

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  1. Hi dear Dee! I went to visit Martha and left a comment full of appreciation for marriage. I believe in marriage and love everlasting. ❤ I am sending you warm hugs, gentle smiles and happy thoughts in the period of your recuperation. Love ya, Dee!


  2. Yay for marriage! 🙂

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  3. Martha is a favorite of mine, too. We have such good taste, Diane!

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    1. Great minds and all, Clare! xo

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