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Over the Years…


Long ago vows they had recited
Before guests that were delighted
Through times of sickness and in health
Whether little or an abundance of wealth
Over the years love truly kept them united

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge Over the Years


Picture from Pixabay

For Better or Worse

I love Martha’s thoughts on being married!

Martha Reynolds Writes


Oh, those pesky vows. How they can interfere with one’s selfish pursuits.

Shortly before I married my husband, 22 years ago next month, one of my former co-workers stood in front of me. She was middle-aged and divorced. Giving me a smirky smile, she said, ‘Oh, you think he’s so perfect now. Check back in ten years when the magic’s worn off. Believe me, it disappears.’

Thanks for that, I replied. And I’m sorry your marriage didn’t last, but bestowing your bitterness on me didn’t work. I reflected on that exchange this week as I’ve been thinking about marriage. Commitment. Vows.

Jim and I met up with a couple from New York earlier this week. Sometimes we only see them once a year, but it’s always enjoyable. They’ve been married for longer then we have. They’re two pieces of a puzzle, they’re just both.

Then there’s the woman who, after…

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