Yay, Yay it’s Saturday…


Baby spork, oh, no… disposable!


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    1. *chuckling* do you have those plastic spoke things by you? So weird, yet oddly clever

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      1. There is a big divide in my office between pro-sporkers, and “normals” as I like to call us… Guess where I sit in the debate? 😉

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      2. I agree. You’re eating soup and your spoon is punchy on the end. Just wrong!!

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  1. Nice one Diane. But I don’t know whether you should whisk it!

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  2. Talk about clever! Miriam and Al! I’m pondering all my kitchen paraphernalia and can’t come up with a “bunting” thing. Ooooh. That was really bad.

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  3. It’s all about how you use your tongs 😉 Have a great day! ❤️

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    1. Whoa, you wild woman, you!! <3. I love that about you!

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  4. Sometimes a good fork is all you need. And… I have nothing clever to add. Something about an (egg) beater? A peeler? I’ve got nothing.

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  5. Good one Diane. Happy Saturday

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  6. Aw, that little baby is so tine-y.

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  7. Haha! Good one! I have nothing clever to add unfortunately!

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  8. That’s hilarious! 😄

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  9. I like the spooning but the forking really shakes up the hormones and body! I wish things were going a little better, we take romantic moments and then his anxiety kicks in and backs off. I need someone who keeps on charging forward! Thanks for “listening long distance,” my dear!


  10. This is hilarious and the comments spice it up 🙂

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  11. Cute!!! 😆😅😂


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