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#atozchallenge, Q is for Quilt…

Olivia was mystified after finding a cyanide capsule inside the opal ring she’d inherited from her beloved French grandmother.  But when a letter arrived from another law firm stating Bridgette had left a package that she must travel to France to claim, Liv was downright perplexed.  And excited to travel abroad!

The package containing an heirloom quilt was indeed a surprise, though not nearly as much as the deed to property in Vichy sewn into a seam, along with what appeared to be her grandmother’s French marriage certificate to someone when she was 17 — six years before she’d met Olivia’s Grandpa…


My theme this year is 100 word fiction.  (So, no, don’t count this line!)  This is a continuation of O is for Opal which you can find here.


#atozchallenge, O is for Opal…

After the will was read, Olivia tearfully clutched her grandmother’s opal ring, a priceless remembrance from the woman she spent so much time with while growing up.

That night as Liv rubbed the stones to a warm luster, the top sprung open, revealing a compartment that held a single pill.  She knew Grand-Me`re Bridgette met and married Grandpa Joe when he’d been an injured Air Corp pilot in France during WWII and she was his nurse.  Her grandmother had loved to tell the story.  But nurses wouldn’t need what looked for all the world like a hidden cyanide capsule.  Right?


This year my theme is 100 word fiction.  (So, no, don’t count this line)