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Me and JP, Conversations with a 5 year old…

JP is our youngest grandson who turns five in September! He and his mom and dad lived with us while they were building their house a year ago.  Though they’ve moved into their new house now, we still get to pick him up from preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and spend the afternoon with him.  And next year he’ll be in kindergarten all day.  He’s so full of fun and remarkably wise for his years!  Can you tell I just love him to pieces?

Many of you know I had breast cancer last year, along with chemo and losing my hair, and it’s growing back in white and curly!  So I thought new pictures of me and JP were long overdue.  I’m debuting them today, along with a very appropriate JP moment 🙂

JP:  Nana, want to play I Spy?

Me:  Sure, you want to go first?

JP:  No, you do it, Nana.

Me:  Okay.  I spy, with my little eye, something white.  (I’m looking at the lampshade in the family room)

JP:  I know, I know.  Is it your hair, Nana??

Me:  Hahaha, no.


My Aging-Rocker-Chick Hair…

No boob pictures, just my short, mostly white hair.  I’ve been going out without the wig or hat and a dear lady told me how much she loved my hair and asked me if I went to a barber for this look!   I’m kind of liking the white, hope it doesn’t get to be some bizarre, unattractive gray color down the road.  But at least I’m getting hair!  And you can’t tell from this picture, but my lashes and brows are coming back, too.  And from the looks of it, I need more sleep to get rid of the bags under my eyes 🙂