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I’ve been a widow now for almost a year. Still hating it. I even hate the word. Thanksgiving will be the last holiday of this year of firsts to go through (although I was still pretty numb and don’t really remember much of last Christmas.)

We will celebrate together with my family on Christmas Eve and then youngest and I will break tradition and go to Virginia Beach to spend Christmas Day through New Year’s with my sister and her family.

Most days I’m stunned when I realize it’s been nearly a year since my husband died suddenly last December 3. It just can’t be possible, yet it is.

Some days I’m afraid I’m not handling things well, but I do get up every day, put on makeup (mostly), pay bills, run errands, cook dinner, work out three days a week. So I guess I’m doing okay, right?

Many things are still undecided. I want to find a permanent place to live and continue helping youngest train toward finding a job. Find myself a purpose in life, maybe get a dog again once I’m settled. Maybe combine those two things and train a dog for visits at hospitals and/or senior centers.

I need to write again. Maybe travel. Find joy in life again. Move forward. Move forward without feeling guilty…

Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading my posts, however few and far between, even when I don’t always read yours and comment. I’m doing the best I can, really I am.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday season.

Photo of the Grand Canyon is mine.

TMI Thursday, The Pity Train…


You know how sometimes things just happen when you need them?  Well, I was getting ready to write an update and I came across this meme that I think was meant to send me a little message.   Wednesday’s doctor’s visit was fine, but things aren’t moving fast enough for me and I was feeling sorry for myself.  Until I saw this gentle reminder on Facebook.

The swelling after the second breast cancer surgery is not going down as fast as the plastic surgeon would like and they decided to keep the drainage tube in longer.  Not bed rest, but definitely limited activities particularly with my right arm.  And simple walking around.  So even though they could tape off the tube and I could take a backwards facing shower so water doesn’t spray hard on my chest, I still am not supposed to raise my arms up to wash my hair myself.   Boo hoo, poor me, right?

So I did the sensible thing.  Called my hairdresser to get me in next week to wash and trim and touch up my hair.  No investment in highlights or straightening treatment till I find out if I will need chemo and lose my hair, though.  Best to be sensible here 😀

We had a trip to Southern California planned for the beginning of November that doctors thought would be possible unless there were complications.  And there were.  So we will do it another time, no big deal.

The docs were able to restart my blood thinners (Lovenox and Coumadin) and I’m doing what they call bridging to get back to the right levels, so all is going well there.  So, you know, my hair doesn’t look great. Neither do my boobs right now.  I’m tired a lot and haven’t been bothering to put on mascara or other make up.  But today I’ll start.  And I will sit my impatient butt back in the recliner and rest in between gentle walking until I get the okay to exercise more while remembering how grateful I am to be at this place in my life and back on the road to health!


Hair Update, Keratin Review…

Gentlemen, I won’t be offended if you just want to skip this post, it’s about my hair and more for the ladies.  But if you’re curious, feel free to read…

I don’t know if anyone remembers me talking about getting a keratin treatment on my hair, but the picture on the left is my highlighted hair that I would wash, blow dry and flat iron to look like that.  If I didn’t, it really would look like a lion’s mane 🙂

Picture on the right is same highlights but a little trim to get two hairdressers to agree on what looked the best after the treatment.  Right now it’s extremely flat and silky but they tell me it will be a little less flat in two weeks.  But after three days when I could wash it I just blew it dry, nothing else!  Keratin should last through about five or six cuts, so six to eight months.

I’m not sure if I really love it yet but it will be nice not to deal with heat and humidity and frizzy hair this summer.  But even with my length hair, process took three and a half hours, a pretty big time commitment, and they said it could take at least an hour longer for shoulder length hair.   Not to mention the cost 🙂