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How My Right Breast Became the Wrong One…


You came and boys they did fawn
You grew and men they were drawn
Then a spot was detected
It seems you’d defected
You suckered me, boob, now you’re gawn!

I am relieved and just a little apprehensive that surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 20.  It has taken a little time to coordinate the doctors’ schedules and OR availability.  It will be a right sided skin saving mastectomy followed by immediate reconstruction.  I know, who looks forward to that?  But I need to get this taken care of and I feel good about my choice.

I had another venous duplex ultrasound of the lower extremities yesterday and it’s clear of any clots.  So I may not need the filter placed after all.  The interventional radiologist will discuss the results with my hemotologist and they will come to a decision.   There’s time to do an outpatient surgery before the 20th if they decide I need to have the filter.

And just an aside, both my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon are gorgeous!  A little eye candy never hurts, right? 😉