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Monday Musings About Sports Cars…


corvette 2

I’m still seeing the chiropractor twice a week for my back.  Next week we go down to once a week then once a month, I think.  It’s definitely helping although the table that I love is not working right now and the replacement has not yet arrived 😦

Gosh, how I miss the traction table.  The best week I had lately was when I saw the chiropractor on Monday and Wednesday and got a pedicure on Tuesday in the big massage chair, haha.  Every week should be that fabulous!!

But today hubby took my car for an oil change and I had to drive his Corvette.  (I know what you’re thinking, oh, poor Dee!)  It’s a beautiful car and all but I don’t drive it much (cause I don’t want to have someone park close to me and ding the side — or run a shopping cart into it!)  And as I’m sure most of you know, it’s very low to the ground.  And, hello, person with back issues trying not to just fall into the car…

So by the time I got to the doctor’s, I think I was a little tense and needed the adjustment more than usual today.  But got the car there and back just fine and got in and out without injuring myself.  So all in all, not bad for a Monday, right?