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Me and JP, Conversations with a 6 Year Old…


I’ve really been having grandchildren withdrawal symptoms lately!  JP is in all day kindergarten now and does martial arts twice a week so we asked if we could pick him up after school Friday and have him overnight.

We had such fun playing games and watching cartoons, the requisite mac and cheese dinner and hearing jokes that only a kindergartener could appreciate!

Saturday morning he kind of strummed Papa’s guitar and sang a song he says he made up himself.  If this is a real song from some television show, I don’t know it.  And looking up “curious boys” online took me to places I didn’t want to go!  Don’t look, just take my word for it!!

I asked him to sing it again so I could get the words down perfectly.   He still cracks me up and I love him to pieces!

Once there was a curious boy

He wanted to know what the world was about

He asked his mom, he asked his dad,

And they had no clue!

This was a very short song but it stops right now!

He Is That Song…


He is that song

to make your heart dance

with the rhythm of love

His voice exists

for you alone

Your reason to breathe

a lyrical explosion

Guitar strings strummed

while harmonies soar

and emotions crescendo

The beat pulses

deep in your soul

You crave him

He is that song


~ Diane D.                                                  Photo from Pixabay


In juxtaposition to the lovely words of She Is That Song by The Lonely Author.  Thank you, Drew, for your inspiration…


Yes, I know Christmas is over…

but there was a rerun of that TV show Scorpion on last night from their Christmas episode a year or two ago and this song was playing and I just had to look it up — I don’t know why I love it, but I do!  And I couldn’t wait a whole year to tell you!!  I hope you like it, too…