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Tuesday Thoughts…

This view is from my front porch yesterday morning.


I’m not exactly grateful for the snow on top of snow, but I am grateful that I have a Toro snowblower and that hubby made sure I knew how to use it!  Sometimes my new neighbors, Christian and Gaelle, offer  to shovel for me but it’s not too bad with the snowblower.

I’m grateful that my car started with no problem this morning as Dave and I are going to the gym soon. Yes, we are that dedicated as it is 2 degrees F. out!  And I would feel bad if his trainer was there and we didn’t show as then she won’t get paid…

I have warm gloves and coats and am grateful for my Bearpaw boots!  And later I’ll be grateful for my Instant Pot as I’m going to make butternut squash soup and maybe Italian beef for hot sandwiches.

Tomorrow we are expecting daytime highs of about 15 below so we are not going anywhere on Wednesday.  Maybe not even to the mailbox by the street!