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Yay, Yay, it’s St. Patrick’s Day…

Be careful out there…




The party had been winding down anyway and the flirty blonde in the short black dress suggested her place, so she and Mike were grabbing their coats from the back bedroom when they heard the sounds of glass breaking and people shouting.  Then the lights went out.  The blonde had opened her mouth but before she could start shrieking he’d pulled her close and shoved her face into his chest to try to muffle a scream.  She’d shoved him away hard like she was afraid and he felt her run past him in the darkness as he slipped and now he wasn’t even sure where she was…

What the hell? Mike could feel the toe of his boot hit something as he stumbled in the darkness to find the light switch. God dammit but his head hurt. He must have hit the back of his head against the footboard of the bed as he fell.  Christ, he hadn’t meant to scare the girl, he just figured if a fight had broken out or something they could just stay in the bedroom till everybody settled down.  He’d only been in Jim and Sara’s apartment a few times so he wasn’t sure he was remembering right, but, yeah, there was the switch to the right of the door.

As the light clicked on, he looked out into the living room and saw splatters of red everywhere, like a paint can had flown from someone’s hand and liquid curved up into the air in slow motion then fell like rain drops in a mesmerizing pattern. Looking more closely, he realized the red was too thin, too dark, had a coppery smell — good Lord, it was blood. Blood everywhere.

Squinting against the bright light, he could make out the pale, shocked faces of Jim and his wife, Sara, and another guy he remembered from the party, Leo maybe — no, Logan, somebody who worked with Jim at the trucking company. They were all staring at him in horror. Then Sara started screaming and screaming and he looked down and there was the blonde in the short black dress, glossy red lips and blue eyes open wide as blood spurted from the slash across her neck and soaked into the light gray carpet…


I mentioned that I was interested in writing a scene like this just for fun and Matthew from Twisted Roads of Madness suggested a scenario of a body on the floor and four people and blood everywhere!   What do you think?

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

Just sayin’…


#atozchallenge, L is for Liquor…



which no birthday celebration should be without.  For adult parties, of course, you need a signature drink.  You know, micheladas or sangria for a Mexican theme, pina coladas or mai tais for a luau, martinis, Moscow mules, Champagne cocktails, whatever you prefer.

But if you’re hosting a child’s party with all those little ones at your house needing to be fed and entertained, or going to Chuck E. Cheese’s or one of the jump houses or indoor gym places with rambunctious children, liquor is going to be a necessity after the party (for the grown ups)!

Recuperate and rejuvenate with a pitcherful of Beer Margaritas:

12 oz. can frozen limeade

12 oz. can Fresca

1 bottle beer, any brand

8 – 12 oz. Tequila

Mix together in a pitcher, serve over ice.   If it’s too sweet for your taste, you can add water in addition to or replacing some of the Fresca.  This is one of my favorite easy-to-make cocktails and I’m not normally a beer drinker.

~Diane D.                          Photo:   socialandcocktail.UK.co

(My A to Z Challenge theme is birthdays)

Falling into Bliss…


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