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Monday Musings About the Olympics…


I admit I get very excited about the Olympics, especially the winter ones.  I have no idea why.  I don’t love the cold and I’m not big into playing winter sports.  Not outside anyway.  I think I’m a closet adrenaline junkie!

I ice skated some as a child at a local outdoor area that the town fire department froze over when it was cold enough.  Wobbly ankles and fear of falling made my experience more like taking little mincing steps around the ice rather than gliding.  We went sledding with friends, but I only slid down sensible hills — you know, a gentle slope and gliding to a stop with no fear of hurting yourself.

Skiing was expensive and I only went a few times.  And in my area, there are no mountains, only little, probably manmade, hills.  Since I never really learned how to stop I would be apologizing the whole way after putting on the skis because invariably I’d run into someone or over their skis.  Then after reaching the bunny hill,  I’d just point the skis forward and usually stop by hitting the fence at the bottom, grabbing on to steady myself.

I’m obviously way more suited to wearing the cute clothes while having a drink in front of the fire!

But the idea of politics being put aside for a few weeks and countries coming together in the spirit of the Games (Vice President Pence, are you listening?) while the world enjoys watching the best of the best graceful, tenacious and talented young athletes in the world still thrills me!

Sorry about the meme from Facebook, but I find it funny in a scary sort of way…  Like clowns…