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Monday Musings about My Vegas Slots…

Do you know this game for your mobile devices?  It’s a free app to play and your points can be turned into real rewards through M Life and MGM.  MGM owns several of the casinos and restaurants in Las Vegas as well as, apparently, interests in lots of other things worldwide.  I figured that playing this game would be more worthwhile than, say, Candy Crush, which is fun, but doesn’t really earn you anything but bragging rights.

Well, I’ll tell you right now, it’s fun, but it’s also addictive.  You can download free coins every four hours and the more you do, the more they give you.  There are different levels you earn, which give you higher percentages of free coins and loyalty rewards, too.  It’s downright evil genius.

I’ve got my family playing now, on the chance that we may meet up in Vegas next year sometime for a long weekend.  The awards really do translate into free or discounted hotel stays, shows, and meals.  I’m sure many people spend money buying more points to get more awards, but if you don’t do that, the only thing you’re spending is your valuable time — ulp!  And therein lies the problem.

If you have an addictive personality, and I’m not saying I do, but maybe — it’s hard to quit before your eyes are crossing from the strain or you run out of chips.  I refuse to buy chips, which is the only thing saving me.  But I’ve been neglecting reading and writing stories on my blog and even reading the books I have.

And here’s the thing.  I have an iPhone, which the game will play on.  I did have it on my Kindle HD tablet, but the game updated somewhere around the beginning of July and it will not update on Kindle.  If anyone has one and plays this game and knows the secret, please let me know!  There is also a my Vegas Blackjack and the loyalty awards cross over between the two games.  That now refuses to open on my Kindle also.  Any ideas other than buying an iPad??  Just wondered if you knew…