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Happy December 11…

Today, Amazon’s Alexa and I are sharing a story about, well, sharing for the holiday season! I’ll be paraphrasing as I cannot remember Alexa’s story word for word. But you’ll get the idea…

A lovely family sat at the dinner table enjoying a meal together as the dog and cat lurked underneath, hoping for a morsel to fall. When they’d about given up hope, lo and behold, a meatball rolled off the end of the table and underneath!

The cat pounced, claws out, and grabbed the meatball, snickering the whole time. “It’s all mine,” she said triumphantly.

The dog whimpered at not getting anything, then thought for a moment and barked. Then he barked again.

“Oh, no, be quiet,” said the cat. “They’re going to find out we have food!”

“What’s the dog barking about?” Mom leaned underneath the tablecloth and as she did so, the cat batted the meatball right in between the dog’s paws. “Ha,” she said. “You’re in trouble!”

The dog sat guiltily, looking at the meatball longingly. Dad bent down and saw what was happening and laughed. “Oh, let him have it. It’s Christmas time after all!”

The dog began to munch on the meatball while the cat looked sullenly on. Soon the dog felt guilty and pushed the meatball toward the cat and they began to nibble on it together.

“Oh, look,” said little Betsy. “They’re sharing! Isn’t that cute?”

“This is nice,” said the dog. “Don’t get used to it,” said the cat.