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Monday Musings about Family Time…

Yesterday we decided to do family game time — okay, I admit I pushed them into it, but we need distractions now! JP’s fave is Family Feud even though he’s only seven…

All was going well and we were laughing a lot, and then this question came up!

Q: What would you talk about more with your dad than your mom?

(I’m thinking sports, cars, girls, tools, building things…)

A: JP says, “How to steal money from your mom?”

(We have no idea where that came from! But guess it’s good he’d discuss it with his dad first 😂)

Me & JP, Conversations with a 7-Year-Old…

Me: There’s some cranberry juice left. Want some for dinner?

JP: I don’t think I like it.

Me: Do you want to try some?

JP: Okay. Ooh, Nana, it makes my face crumple!

Me & JP, Conversations with a 7 Year Old…

Today is JP’s birthday and I know it looks like he had to make his own cupcakes, but the picture is from another time this year, lol. He’s much more grown up now, but every once in awhile he still cracks me up. This happened the other day.

Me: Is Thursday your special day of reading at school?

JP: Yep, we have to bring six books. And a pillow and blanket and flashlight!

Me: So you’re going to spend the whole day just reading?

JP: Nana, that’s silly. When we do math we would have to say “One plus once upon a time!”

Ba bump bump!

Monday Musings about Mystery Readers…

My grandson, the fashion critic, always looking his best!


Mommy:  Guess what?  When we were at Open House I signed up to be a mystery reader in your class!   (Parents surprise their child one day and come to school to read a story.)

JP:  Well, okay, but you’ll try to look your best, right?

Mommy:  What??

JP:  I mean, you always look nice…

(That boy!  And, yes, the beautiful blonde in the picture is Mommy!)

Me & JP, Conversations with a Six-Year-Old…




JP:  Nana, are you going to keep the Corvette now or are you going to sell it?

Me:  I think I will keep it for now.  That way I can take you for a ride in it.

JP:  Papa let me drive sometimes.

Me:  He did?

JP:  Well, he let me put one hand on the steering wheel and help.  But you don’t have to go real fast like Papa.  It might make you sick.

Me:  You’re so good to me!  Did you like it when Papa drove fast?

JP:  Yeah, we would yell “Whee doggies” and laugh!



A tough act to follow…