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Me & JP, Conversations with My Grandson…

JP and his Papa from 2014. Two peas in a pod!

JP is my youngest grandson who turned 8 in September. He and his mom and dad lived with us while they were building their house several years ago. We were so lucky to spend every day with him for nearly a year and I know I’ll always have a special relationship with him.

My husband, JP’s beloved Papa Paul, died from a brain aneurysm two years ago and it has been a huge adjustment for us all. My youngest son and I lived with JP and his family after I sold my house and I again got to spend every day with him for a year. Now that I have my own house again and we’re all dealing with the restrictions of Covid-19, I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like.

But JP usually comes over once a week after school to just hang out, play video games with his uncle and eat dinner with us. We still have some great conversations, especially on the car ride home. Here’s one from last week…

JP: Nana, what would you wish for if a genie gave you three wishes?

Me: I’d use my first wish to ask for 100 more wishes.

JP: Huh, that’s a good one!

Me: Then I think I’d ask for lots of money so I could give it to all my family and friends who needed things. And my last wish I’d ask for enough vaccines for everybody in the whole world so we could get over Covid-19 and get back to normal.

JP: Those are good! You know what I’d wish for, Nana?

Me: No, what would you wish for, hon?

JP: I’d wish that Papa could come back…

Me: Aww…

(I’m not crying, you’re crying…)

Me and JP, Conversations with a 7 Year Old…

I started writing about me and JP, my youngest grandson, when he was about three. Who knew what we’d go through together? He and his mom and dad and bulldog, Tank, lived with us for awhile while their house was being built. Tank died while we were all on vacation together.

My husband passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm and we lost our elderly dogs, too. I sold the house and youngest and I moved in with JP’s family. We eventually found a new, smaller house and youngest and I moved in and recently got a new little dog.

This coming weekend JP turns eight! I can hardly believe it. He’s wonderful—cute, smart, fun, silly, sweet and incredibly kind. Our talks have gotten so complex now.

I usually pick him up on Tuesday afternoons after e-school is done and he comes over to visit and have dinner with me and his Uncle Dave. He loves our new house and visiting with Leia, our dog.

We’ve always had some of our best conversations in the car, when we aren’t singing along with the radio! This one happened as I was driving him home…

JP: Wasn’t it funny when Leia fell in the box?

Me: It was. I think she was trying to see what was inside and just slipped. When I got her out she went and laid on her pillow and didn’t look at me. I think she was embarrassed!

JP: Like when your cat fell off the back of the couch, right?

Me: Yep, Midnight would look out the window to watch for me and fall asleep. And sometimes she’d stretch and fall off the back of the couch. That was a long time ago, I’m surprised you remember me telling you that. I had Midnight before I even knew Papa.

JP: Were you married to someone else and divorced before you met Papa?

Me: No, just him. He was my first husband but I was his second wife. Does that mean I could get married a second time now if I wanted?

JP: But, Nana, you only have two bedrooms. Where would he sleep?

Me: I thought he’d sleep in my room.

JP: (Doubtfully) Well, I guess he could sleep in your big closet…

Me & JP, Conversations with a 7 Year Old…

Today is JP’s birthday and I know it looks like he had to make his own cupcakes, but the picture is from another time this year, lol. He’s much more grown up now, but every once in awhile he still cracks me up. This happened the other day.

Me: Is Thursday your special day of reading at school?

JP: Yep, we have to bring six books. And a pillow and blanket and flashlight!

Me: So you’re going to spend the whole day just reading?

JP: Nana, that’s silly. When we do math we would have to say “One plus once upon a time!”

Ba bump bump!

Me & JP, Conversations with a Six-Year-Old…




JP:  Nana, are you going to keep the Corvette now or are you going to sell it?

Me:  I think I will keep it for now.  That way I can take you for a ride in it.

JP:  Papa let me drive sometimes.

Me:  He did?

JP:  Well, he let me put one hand on the steering wheel and help.  But you don’t have to go real fast like Papa.  It might make you sick.

Me:  You’re so good to me!  Did you like it when Papa drove fast?

JP:  Yeah, we would yell “Whee doggies” and laugh!



A tough act to follow…

Me and JP, Conversations with a 6 Year Old…


I’ve really been having grandchildren withdrawal symptoms lately!  JP is in all day kindergarten now and does martial arts twice a week so we asked if we could pick him up after school Friday and have him overnight.

We had such fun playing games and watching cartoons, the requisite mac and cheese dinner and hearing jokes that only a kindergartener could appreciate!

Saturday morning he kind of strummed Papa’s guitar and sang a song he says he made up himself.  If this is a real song from some television show, I don’t know it.  And looking up “curious boys” online took me to places I didn’t want to go!  Don’t look, just take my word for it!!

I asked him to sing it again so I could get the words down perfectly.   He still cracks me up and I love him to pieces!

Once there was a curious boy

He wanted to know what the world was about

He asked his mom, he asked his dad,

And they had no clue!

This was a very short song but it stops right now!