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TMI Thursday, Fighting Like a Girl…



On my way out the door to see Pat, my trainer.  She has been through a hip replacement and had a malignant tumor on her foot removed, works out regularly and is a personal trainer!   She is one of the most positive people I know and hanging out with her is a pain (in my arms, my knees, etc.) but never a chore! 😉

Today we’re working on back, upper body and arm strength because I won’t be able to use my right arm and side for a little bit after the surgery.

As to the surgery, good news, I think.  My interventional radiologist and hemotologist have decided I don’t need the filter placed after all since I had another ultrasound that showed no blood clots.  So apparently my chance of developing a clot after surgery will be no greater than anyone else.  And because I’m only having a mastectomy on one side, they can restart a low dose of blood thinner fairly soon after surgery.  And they could do an ultrasound and place a filter if I develop blood clot symptoms while in the hospital following surgery.  So, yay…

I would not be lying to say I’m actually doing fine, just waiting for the surgery date to get here.  And I also wouldn’t be lying to say that sometimes I’m scared witless just waiting for the surgery date to get here!

Photo of Pat M. is my own