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Friday the 13th…

Gosh, I scare myself with that picture! I’ve been makeup free for three weeks now. My ophthalmologist is adorable. He told me that, speaking as a guy, men are shallow and think women look great without makeup. We laughed a little and then I told him, A, I never wear makeup because of a guy and B, I have mirrors in my house!

So we agreed that today, a week after my second eye surgery, I can carefully start wearing eye makeup again. I’m unnaturally excited to get started LOL.

Other than that, I’m going to Costco and to get a pedicure this afternoon. So that’s my fun-filled Friday. But I’m doing it all with perfect vision!

Here’s an update with minimal makeup!

And don’t tell me there’s no difference. Remember I have a mirror and 20/20 vision now lol!

Monday Musings on Tuesday about Makeup…arrgh!

Here’s me after first cataract surgery wearing my pirate shield at night for three nights to protect my eye. Day following surgery I tested 20/30 in right eye and it may even improve so I’m already thrilled!

Surgery was simple, longest part was nurses sloshing drops in my eye beforehand for more than an hour. Oral sedation only, so it’s just relaxing. Was worried I’d see a scalpel coming towards my eye, but all I saw were blue, purple and white lights.

I can see fairly well for everything already but second eye will be done on September 6. Right lens corrects for distance and astigmatism, called a Toric lens. Left lens will correct for reading and will also be a Toric, so hopefully I will no longer need glasses.

I will, however, need tons of makeup as you can tell from my makeup free picture above. I’m frightening myself ever time I look in the mirror! It was easier to ignore the imperfections when I couldn’t see as well, lol!

Going without mascara for a month or so is one of the most difficult parts of this whole process, but I’m too afraid to take a chance on ruining things so I’m making myself wait 😞