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Vegas, Baby…


Luck and lust enveloped us
We were high rollers riding the crest
Doubling down with no worries
Always covering the spread

Vegas was our mecca, baby
Endless lights, pulsing excitement
So blinding that no one noticed
The shell of diamonds was really just paste

We partied in the desert
Washed down a Special K with Dom Perignon
Made breakfast even sweeter
As it tickled and teased and excited

Then warm days became summer and our oasis
Dried up, hot and unforgiving
Luck evaporated with the relentless sunshine
Like champagne puddles in the desert heat

Our love gasped for air as we tried to find
Cool and clean breaths like the night we met
When life was new and fresh
As the breeze after a gentle rainfall

We were supposed to be soul mates
Woven together into sumptuous velvet nights
Now, I make my escape alone, while
You and Vegas glitter in my rearview mirror…

Picture courtesy of my dear friend sonofabeach96.  Please check out his wonderful photography here.

“Funtime” Activities during a Sex Drought

For another look at romance, I’m reposting this from coffeeandfreewrites, who describes himself as a 20 something “writer” with a useless college degree, an office job and who drinks coffee.  I found his blog awfully funny, although if he were my son I’m sure I’d be saying, “Language, dear!” So, be forewarned and prepare to laugh…

Coffee and Freewrites

There will be periods in your relationship in which sex just doesn’t happen, so here is how to pass the time:

-Go sexy underwear shopping with your partner and pick out a few items you’ll A) Never see them in or B) See but not touch

-Buy romantic bath candles, soaps and other shit that passive insecure men like me don’t care about. Let your partner use them alone while you sit on the couch watching “Cupcake Wars”

-Hang around a sex shop and browse the various pleasure playthings and tingle toys until your partner decides to go somewhere else, leaving you the bargain porno bin. (Does anyone even buy porn anymore?)

-A homemade candlelight dinner with a bottle of your favorite cheap wine followed by snuggling on the couch until the chicken scallopini gives one of you the shits.

-Let your fantasies run wild like they were when you…

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