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Bye, Bye, Birdie…

We had a sweet robin couple build a nest right on our window sill and were able to watch the whole fascinating birthing process up close!

Pictures are a little hampered by the window screen but it was impossible to get close from outside.

We got to see the whole process up close, from building the nest to mama sitting on the eggs and also on the tiny downy babies! We saw mama and daddy bird fly up with worms to gracefully shove down the babies’ throats. And in true baby fashion, the little birds were either slumped against the nest, sound asleep, or waiting with beaks open for their next meal!

Then suddenly one day they were stretching their wings and just flew away. We are feeling a little cheated that our robin family never came by one last time to say farewell. But I’m sure, like all children, we will see them again if they ever need anything😉