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Happy December 31…

And Happy New Year’s Eve!

I think most of us are anxious to say goodbye to 2020 already and move on to a new year. But I had the nicest thing happen this morning that really lifted my spirits!

I dropped youngest at work and was going to hang out with JP, my eight year old grandson who is on break from school this week. So I called my son who works from home now and said I was going to Starbucks and did they want anything? I always get JP a kid’s hot chocolate and ended up ordering that and three specialty coffees.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the driveup pick up window and the barista said, “Happy New Year, the gentleman in front of you paid for your order!” I was so touched (and feeling a little guilty that he probably hadn’t expected to pay for FOUR drinks!) Of course I paid it forward — well, backwards, really — and paid for the car behind me. I got off easy with a $6 bill.

So if you were in the Chicago suburbs and paid for a big order for the pumpkin colored Buick (with reindeer antlers and a red nose) behind you at Starbucks this morning, I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and kindness and for making my day so special! I hope that kindness continued through the whole line…

The Kindness of Strangers…


person standing holding neck of man inside room

Photo by Mídia on Pexels.com

Reading or listening to the news lately is so disheartening that I sometimes wonder what has happened to this world we live in. Then something sweet happens and I feel better about the future…

In the few days after my husband died in December, family began gathering as is usually the case, I’m sure.  Everyone was anxious to help do something — anything, really.  I asked my stepson if he would take youngest to get a hair and beard trim before the weekend.  They went to Upscale Male, a salon in nearby Naperville, where my husband and Dave have gotten their hair cut for years.

One of the stylists came over to ask Dave where his dad was.  The guys sadly explained what had happened with their dad and she was, of course, shocked at the suddenness.   Dave and his dad had just been in there the month before.  She excused herself for a moment and came back with the owner who was terribly upset and offered his condolences — and insisted that he be allowed to provide his services on the house that day as a tribute to their dad.

What a lovely gesture from a very kind man who went out of his way to try to help my guys feel a little better.  ❤️❤️❤️