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Monday Musings about Karma…


Okay, I admit I may have been feeling pretty smug what with making it through most of winter already without so much as catching a cold from JP!  I’ve been working out regularly and my doctors’ appointments last week had all gone well.

The first visit was with my internist and called a medicine recheck, sort of like a physical, only less, because my insurance won’t cover an annual physical.  They also don’t cover my flu shot, but don’t even get me started on that.  My doctor looked over my info on the screen and said she wanted me to have a few blood tests done.  “Stay well,” she proclaimed as she breezed out of the room.  Karma…

My mammogram was on Wednesday and all went well.  Thursday I stopped at the lab to have blood drawn and those results all came back great, too.

But apparently with all those visits to medical facilities where sick people go, I picked up a virus.  The freaking flu virus, even though I had my vaccine last fall.  Maybe my immune system is still lagging after chemo last year.  Or maybe the vaccine was just less than effective like they’ve been saying.  Who knows?  But I do know that if you get to the doctor quickly, they can give you Tamiflu, an antiviral, to shorten the course and lessen the effects of flu.

By Saturday morning I was at Urgent Care, where they confirmed I had the flu.  “My, you’ve been at a lot of doctor’s offices lately.  Probably where you picked it up.”  Karma…

They would prescribe Tamiflu and I would watch for any signs of complications like pneumonia.  But after checking for an interaction with my other meds, the doctor said, “I see you react to medications with red dye in them.  Sorry, can’t give you Tamiflu!”  Freaking karma…

But she did give me an antibiotic for my sinusitis and to help prevent other infections, stressed the need for rest and fluids and sent me on my way.  And hopefully I didn’t share my germs with anyone else.  Shh!  Karma!

(Just kidding about the list!)

The Locket…


Tis the Season of unselfish gifting
And times of love and uplifting
A young man got his true love a locket
Soon taken from him by a pickpocket
Perhaps karma for gifts gotten by grifting?

In response to Mind and Life Matters Limerick Poetry Challenge, Week 49,  Satire.