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Happy December 2…

Happy December 16…

Late again, I know, but having work done on the house. Anyhow, a Hanukkah joke from me and Amazon’s Alexa!

What do you call Hanukkah gelt that you gamble with?

Chocolate chips!

Happy December 15…

And another holiday joke from me and Alexa!

How did the two dreidels meet?

In spin class, lol!

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…

And Happy December 12 from Amazon’s Alexa and me! Today is a holiday joke that will make you groan (and hungry!)

What’s the best thing with which to top a latke?

Another latke!

Happy Hanukkah…

And a Happy December 10 poem from Amazon’s Alexa and me!

Lovely as the borealis of aurora

Is the candlelight from the menorah

And each flickering flame

Heats up the dreidel game

But after 8 nights you need a good snora!