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My Aging-Rocker-Chick Hair…

No boob pictures, just my short, mostly white hair.  I’ve been going out without the wig or hat and a dear lady told me how much she loved my hair and asked me if I went to a barber for this look!   I’m kind of liking the white, hope it doesn’t get to be some bizarre, unattractive gray color down the road.  But at least I’m getting hair!  And you can’t tell from this picture, but my lashes and brows are coming back, too.  And from the looks of it, I need more sleep to get rid of the bags under my eyes 🙂

TMI Thursday, Aloha…


Aloha is a Hawaiian word that can have many meanings, including friendliness, kindness and affection.  It’s more common meaning in the English language is a greeting, either hello or goodbye.

I’m using it that way today because I’m excited to tell you (not show you just yet!) about one of the more common side effects of having breast cancer and chemotherapy.  Back in November my hair started to fall out — all of my hair, everywhere on my body, except my eyebrows and eyelashes. They have thinned somewhat and I think a lot of my bottom lashes have come out, but I’ve always been a girl who likes make up so brows and lashes are relatively easy to camouflage.  The hair on my head, not so much!

One of the benefits of chemo, aside from the big one of ridding me of any cancer cells, has been not having to shave or wax legs, underarms, bikini area.  The hair was just gone, sort of like it rubbed off with any friction from clothing.

But since I had my last chemo treatment nearly a month ago now, I thought the stubble on my head was growing out a little.  I couldn’t be sure cause it’s only about a quarter-inch long, but it feels a little different.  Last night as I was smoothing on lotion — it’s still winter where I live — I could feel stubble on my legs, for the first time in months!  I haven’t checked absolutely everywhere, but I think my hair is finally starting to grow back. So aloha!

Words You Never Think You’ll Hear…


Hubby:  Sorry, Hon, I saw your hair on the table and meant to bring it upstairs.  Want me to go get it?

Me:  (Snickering)  Bet you never thought you’d say that, hmm?  Nah, it’s not like I’ll need it till morning!

Yay, Yay, it’s Saturday…



Hair Update, Keratin Review…

Gentlemen, I won’t be offended if you just want to skip this post, it’s about my hair and more for the ladies.  But if you’re curious, feel free to read…

I don’t know if anyone remembers me talking about getting a keratin treatment on my hair, but the picture on the left is my highlighted hair that I would wash, blow dry and flat iron to look like that.  If I didn’t, it really would look like a lion’s mane 🙂

Picture on the right is same highlights but a little trim to get two hairdressers to agree on what looked the best after the treatment.  Right now it’s extremely flat and silky but they tell me it will be a little less flat in two weeks.  But after three days when I could wash it I just blew it dry, nothing else!  Keratin should last through about five or six cuts, so six to eight months.

I’m not sure if I really love it yet but it will be nice not to deal with heat and humidity and frizzy hair this summer.  But even with my length hair, process took three and a half hours, a pretty big time commitment, and they said it could take at least an hour longer for shoulder length hair.   Not to mention the cost 🙂